Rebellion de Patriotes – 1837 to 1838

As David Graham was kind enough to point out in his comment, the Rebellion de Patriotes of 1837-1838 certainly colored the lives of the Dion/Denis and Robidou families of  the early 1800’s.

The green, white and red tricolour used by the...

The green, white and red tricolour used by the Parti patriote between 1832 and 1838 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Minimally, it can be assumed that the Rebellion of Lower Canada contributed to the socio-political environment and circumstances within which the family migrations to the Clinton County area of upstate New York occurred.  Research will continue to determine any firm linkages between our family and the Rebellion exist.  Should you know of any, please contact us!

Here are numerous documents discussing the Rebellion.


Wikipedia also has a brief but informative description available.