Joseph Deyo & Descendants

The Deyos- 1800-1982 [written by Wilfred Frank Deyo circa 1982]

The writer, Wilfred Frank Deyo will incorporate -the following information available as of October 8, 1982 into the “Deyo Family History”- 1800-1982-From Canada to the United States of America which he hopes to put together in the not too distant future. There are still some gaps in the “Deyo Line” but genealogical work continues and as new information, becomes available it will become part of the initial draft of the aforementioned history.

The writer hopes that this information will be of interest to those receiving it and that any additional information they nay have and are able to provide him with relative to the “DEO/DEYO Line” will be greatly appreciated.

Great grand parents

  • ca. 1800 Joseph Deyo b. Canada
  • ca. 1799 Julia (Faye)Deyo b. Canada

Children, of Joseph Deyo and Julia (Faye)Deyo

  1. 1830 Eli Deyo b. Canada, (See note)
  2. 1836 Mary Deyo b. Canada
  3. 1845 John(Zeb)Deyo b. Canada
  4. 1844 Joseph Deyo b. Canada
  5. 1846 Ralph Deyo b. Canada
  6. 1847 Frank Deyo b. Canada
  7. 1850 Eli Deyo b. Canada

Note: Apparently died in infancy since another child born in 1850 was named Eli. Eli Deyo’s marriage certificate lists Lacolle, Province of Quebec, Canada as his place of birth. It is very probable that the other children were also born in Lacolle. Research continues in. this area.


1850’s: The records would indicate that Joseph and Julia(Faye) Deyo immigrated to the United States of America in the 1850’s following the birth of their last child- Eli Deyo. It appears that they entered. the United States at Rouses Point, New York and moved on to Champlain, New York; Chazy, New York; and then Altona, New York where they apparently settled permanently and, became farmers. Records of deeds shows Joseph Deyo owning a farm in the Altona, New York area around 1865. Later some members of the family migrated to Alburg, Vermont where some remained permenantly while others returned to New York State and settled in Clinton County.

Citizenship-United States

186l: Joseph DEYO Age 60 years-Living in Altona, New York, makes a declaration and is accepted as a citizen, on October 24, 1861.

1868: Joseph DEYO Age 24 years-living in Altona, New York for the past 6 years makes a declaration and is accepted as a citizen- October 24, 1868.

1868: Ralph DEYO Age 22 years-living in Altona, New York makes a y declaration and is accepted as a citizen on October 24, 1868.

Note: It is not known at this time where the other members of the family were admitted as citizens, if in fact they were.

United States Census

1870:-Town of Altona, Clinton County, New York.

  • DEYO
    • Joseph – age 60 – Farmer – b. Canada
    • Julia –  age 60 – Keeping house -b. Canada

1870:-Town of Alburg, Vermont

  • Eli DEO – age 21 – b. Canada
  • Ralph DEO – age 25 – b. Canada
  • Joseph DEO – age 25 – b. Canada
  • Zeb DEO – age 27 – b. Canada.

Note: Eli, Ralph and Joseph are shown as living in the same household and dwelling while Zeb is shown as living in a different dwelling. This may indicate that Zeb was married and not living at home with. his parents.

Property purchased .

1871:-DEYO, Joseph of Plattsburgh purchased for $350 half of lot no.8 on West side of Wm. St.

1875:-DEYO, Joseph of Plattsburgh purchased half of lot no. 8 (other half of lot in no. 1)

Note: It is presumed that the Joseph buying the lot in Platteburgh was the son of Joseph who at that time already was owner of a farm in Altona, New York.

United States Census

1880:-Town of Altona, Clinton County, New York

  • DEYO
    • Joseph – age 80 – Farmer – b. Canada
    • Julia – age 81 – b. Canada

United States Census
1880 Town of Altona, Clinton. County, New York

  • DEO,
    • John 37****
    • May 30
    • George 12
    • Jerome 11
    • Selinda 4
    • Napoleon- 8 months
  • DEO,
    • Eli 30
    • Maude 22
    • Richard 5*
    • George 3**
    • Mary 4 months***

Note: The Eli Deo above was the son of Joseph and Julia(Faye) Deyo being born in Lacolle, Province of Quebec, Canadain the year 1850. He married a Miranda BABBA of Alburg, Vermont on January 6, 1873. Miranda was born in Alburg. The name on the marriage certificate is spelled DEYO,

* Richard- Father of Wilfred Frank Deyo, the writer.

** George- Uncle that writer recently learned more about.

** Mary-Aunt that writer did not know, existed until very recently- received a “Certificate of Baptism” from St. Joseph’s Church in Coopersville, N.Y. The church spells the surname DION for Latin.

**** John in the above Census and his family was not identified by the writer until information was received from the Historian for Clinton County very recently.

1880: Town of Alburg, Vermont.

DEO, Frank – age 45 – b. N.Y. & family.
DEO, Ralph – age 54 – b. Canada & family including Julia Lambert – age 90.

Note: Frank DEO’s “Death Certificate” lists his birth place as Sciota, N.Y.-This. is an apparent error (This is where he case fros when he migrated to the State of Vermont-Alburg to be exact). The information on any certificate is only as good as the informer has. His age on the death certificate was given as 66 which is also an error. His age should have been recorded as 76. Frank DEO died in. Alburg, Vermont on March 22, 1915 and is buried there,

United States Census
1896. Town of Altona, New York.


  • Deyo, Eli
  • m. Alburg,Vt.-1875
  • Babbin, Miranda


  • Deyo, Richard – b. 1875
  • Deyo, George – b. 1877
  • Deyo, Mary – b.1879


  • Deyo, Alfred W.
  • m. Place???
  • Babbin, Flora

Note: 1896 Census was a special Census .that; was ordered taken after a very disastrous fire in the area destroyed the Town Hall and all its records. Also note that there are two children who are not listed that were born prior to the special Census as we will see later. Perhaps they were born in Sciota, New York. The names are:

  • Deyo, Florence Anna – b. 1878
  • Deyo, Marceline – b. 1883

Also note that Miranda, whose surname was spelled BABBA when married in Alburg, Vermont is now spelled BABBIN undoubtedly a mistake in the interpretation.

Images of the original documents are below (document converted from the original text scan with minor edits and spelling corrections by Mark F. Rabideau on 20 February 2010):