Data, Friends, and Reviews – part 3

Where does one get good genealogy data? Unfortunately, there is no single correct answer to this question. The answer depends in large part on where you are researching and what you need.

In my case, I am doing most of my current research in West Prussia and Quebec. Later I will be adjusting my focus to include Norway, Sweden, Switzerland. I am certain your journey will take you to numerous locations as well.

Be aware that each region, culture and religion has its own pecularities, information resources & deficits, customs & languages. You will need to address all of these items and more. Also remember you are doing your research in data and records that were generally generated by less literate peoples who were impacted by the place, customs and mores of their times. Sensitivities to those dimensions of the human condition will greatly facilitate your research and augment your enjoyment, not to mention success.

Having said that I can point you to some resources I have found to be very helpful. Please be aware that this list is neither exhaustive nor in any particular order:

  • Father Cyprian Tanguay’s Quebec Genealogy Texts
  • Peter Gagne’s works on Filles du Roi and Filles a Marier
  • LDS Family History Centers (a true wealth of original source data)
  • Town Clerks Offices (God bless those helpful people!)
  • Genealogical Groups (very helpful, when their email links work!)
  • Yahoo Groups (if you can wade through all the mail there is some very useful information and exceptionally helpful people here)
  • Usenet Groups (only barely active in my experience….)
  • Websites that provide electronic versions of original materials (see our links pages for more pointers)

I hope the above provides you with some good clues as to rocks to look under. I am certain that you can find similar tools to assist you.