A ManyRoads Update- 5 Feb 2010

The last few weeks have been quite interesting in terms of new discoveries, etc.  Per normal, I’ll simply enumerate them in an outline (I’m not feeling terribly prosaic right now).

  • I discovered that my entire Deyo line and genealogy was wrong.  I had our lineage going through New Paltz and New Amsterdam.  It turns out that the family actually came out of Quebec and earlier France. The more I look down my father’s line the more French it becomes!
  • In that same vein I discovered through the help of some wonderful people, my great-grandmother’s family- the Minors and Paiges.  My work in their lineage seems to be making some fairly surprising and quick progress.  Several of our readers have provided me wonderful insights and help.  Thank you! If you want to follow my research on this line you should be able to find it on Ancestry.com.
  • On to my mother‘s side, I discovered yet another sibling for my grandfather (Opa) and also discovered I missed getting a great-uncle’s birth correct- an error I intend to fix.
  • I have received some wonderful assistance from fellow yahoo group members on gathering new photos for my Elbing and post-World War 2 Germany collections.  Vielen dank!
  • Probably one of the best pieces of news I have to share is that ManyRoads was visited last month (Jan 2010) by nearly 4000 of you.  I am honored.

I hope to keep my genealogy work underway and the ManyRoads postings regular.  My plans constantly change, so who knows; but with any luck we should see information soon on the Quebec to US migrations, genealogy tool use and recommendations… plus whatever else pops up in my digging.