Genealogy Database “Tools”

It has been on my mind for quite a while that I should share a bit of insight into which Genealogy tools I find useful, have tried to use, etc.

I’ll expand this posting theme over time but here goes…


Genealogy Databases-

  • TNG is where I store all my ‘real’ genealogicial data.  I like it because it is browser and web based, not operating system dependant. I have linked my TNG site to this WordPress site to provide the entire Rabideau-Henss Family History environment. The one down side is that TNG is not free… oh well Darrin needs to make a living too!  The bottom line is if you are looking for a fast, inexpensive ($30), platform independent toolset, this one is worth a look. Note: I no longer use this toolset because of security issues with its interface to WordPress.
  • WordPress (WP)- While not strictly a “Genealogy Tool”, WordPress provides immense flexibility in presenting, storing and managing vast amounts of unrelated, asynchronous text and images.  Quite simply, it is incredibly valuable in my efforts (this site is built using WP).  I have posted an article here on the various WP tools I use on ManyRoads. If you want to create a family history for sharing with the world, or at least your family, this is an excellent and FREE choice.
  • RootsMagic– I use this database on my Windoze virtual machine.  It is a good tool set but requires Windoze (not something I want to be beholden to…).  However, if you are a Windows person this is a fine toolset for managing genealogy databases on a single PC. RootsMagic has some useful add-on tools to assist in your genealogy efforts; these are, however, probably more for folks who are just starting out (learning the ropes) and really don’t quite know where to look for information. I like this toolset but I use it less and less as time goes on… no Windows no more for me (ahhh, if I can help it.)
  • GRAMPS– the same applies to this toolset as RootsMagic except this one runs on Linux (my preferred platform and where I use it). The major plus over RootsMagic is that GRAMPS is FREE. Its interface is a bit less than intuitive, but is pretty nice once you get used to it. Gramps has fewer add-ons than RootsMagic but it has very nice presentation modes and generates a pretty robust a flexible web presentation (better than most of these tools). The real big complaint I have on this tool is that it is really SLOW on my Linux netbook when loading a large GEDCOM file. If you do a lot of research in places without Internet access on a netbook – like I do- then this is the ticket.
  • phpGEDview– like TNG is web-based and very good.  I like it less than TNG because its interface is more cumbersome (to me) but it is nonetheless a fine choice.  Unlike TNG its obvious competition, this is FREE- so the cost factor is good. If you are looking for a fast, ultra-inexpensive (FREE), platform independent toolset, this one is worth a look.

I will create posts (later) on other Genealogy tools that I like and have some experience using.  If you have something in particular that you’d like to hear about, please use our contact form or leave a comment.