The Deyo Mystery… is solved!!

Note: I have solved this mystery and established the link.  John’s parent’s were, in fact, Joseph Dion (Deo- Deyo) and Julia (Julie/ Julienne) Denis (Denys, Lafay, LaFaille, Dennis).

The most commanding piece of obvious genealogical evidence is immediately below (John’s death certificate).

John Deyo Death Certificate
John Deyo Death Certificate

As for the rest of the story, I am writing and plan to post a more complete history. My previous post on this subject is below:

I am searching to find the parents of one John Deyo. I can find an obvious (but incorrect!) link from him to a set of parents identified in the New Paltz area of New York as Christian Deyo… I think we now can say for certain that our Deyos are from Canada not New Paltz. My sister (Linda) is going to do some record research in Albany this week to see what she is able to unearth. (more to come… we hope!)

So here’s the dilemma I have, on the last census it seems John parents are Canadian (John & Julie Deo); earlier evidence seems to indicate John was born in the US (what we don’t know is who these people were before they came to the US).

After performing a detailed analysis of all the Deyo’s it is highly unlikely that I have yet found the parents of our John Deo/ Deyo.   My analysis of the Joseph & John Deo’s in Altona circa 1870-1880 would seem to point to Joseph Deo being the father of John…  however, we have no proof . My sister Linda is going to visit NYS records to see what may lie there.  I have contacted Holy Angels Church in Altona and also Altona (NY) Town Clerk to see what they might offer.  Oh and yes, I have contacted the genealogy group from Altona. My sister is going to also examine the adjoining town of Chazy for records… and look in Altona for any property records (because 1880 and 1870 Censuses both indicate  the Deo’s were property owners- farmers). It is quite the mystery.

Any help or insight is MOST appreciated!

Genealogically, here’s what I had (and now believe to be incorrect!):

Deyo John

1837 – 1924

Birth Abt Dec 1837 Rosendale, Ulster, New York USA
  • The 1910 Census indicates he was born in Vermont. The 1900 Census provides the approximate birth date.
Gender Male
Census 1870 Census Altona, Clinton, New York USA
Census 1850 Rosendale, Ulster, New York USA
Census 1900 Wilton, Saratoga, New York USA
  • This census indicates John was born in New York, as were his parents and wife.
Census 1910 Altona, Clinton, New York USA
Died 1924 Altona, New York USA
  • date obtained from his headstone…Holy Angels Roman Catholic Cemetery Altona, Clinton County, New York
Father Deyo Christian J, b. 11 Apr 1807, New Paltz, Ulster, New York USA , d. 11 Dec 1887, New Paltz, Ulster, New York USA
Mother DuBois Blandina, b. 17 Jul 1812, New Paltz, Ulster, New York USA , d. 25 Jul 1885, New Paltz, Ulster, New York USA
Married 8 Sep 1831 New Paltz, Ulster, New York USA
Family Burnah Mary Ann, b. Abt Apr 1853, d. 1940, Altona, New York USA
Married Abt 1864
> 1. Deyo George, b. 1868, Altona, Clinton, New York USA , d. 1945

  • Notes
    • John appears to have been either disowned or otherwise cast away from the Christian J. Deyo family. For most of his life, he moves from place to place and continually changes description of his birth location.