Frieda Senger -Suchdienst & Soviet Records

Today when I arrived home a letter from the Deutsches Rotes Kreuz- Suchdienst awaited me. I have to admit the contents were, for me extremely exciting!

19 August 2010 Update: Thanks to my good childhood friend Sharon we now have a translation of these records.

Frieda Senger Suchdienst Letter
(See bottom of page for the complete text.)Frieda Senger

Frieda Senger before her incarceration in Soviet Gulags, circa 1940.

Frieda Senger Russian Incarceration Records-1Here are the documents (with the translations I have in English and German).


German, member of fascist organization (abbreviation in the left corner)Dossier/Document
about Frieda Senger German Civil Air Defense.

Start: 17th of March 1945
End: ….. 19…


Senger Frieda
40 176 876

Anfang 17. März 1945
Ende:….. 19….

Frieda Senger Russian Incarceration Records-2Hr. Kireev Manager of the operations Group of the NKVD (People’s Commissariat for Internal Affairs– Stalin’s Secret Police) in the Region of Chelyabinskaya and a Major responsible for National Security. 07.Juli 1945

Hr. Kireev Leiter der operationellen Gruppe NKWD (Volkskommissariat für geheime Angelegenheiten)im Region Tscheljabinsk, Major für nationale Sicherheit genehmigt:
07.Juli 1945

Bill of Indictment:

I, a worker of the operations group Concentration Camp number 507 under the command of NKVD Lieutenant Hr. Makarov, sentence, with the complete authority of the NKVD of the USSR, number 00315 Frieda Senger born in the year of 1898 in Pietzkendorf Kreis Großwerder and currently living in the village of Zeyervorderkampen into the 48th Army “Sideras” category Gulag effective 18 April 1945.


Ich, Mitarbeiter der operationellen Gruppe des Bewährungskonzentrationslager Nr. 507 der NKWD Leutnant Hr. Makarov, verhafte mit Bevollmächtigung der NKWD UdSSR Nr. 00315, Senger Frieda geboren im Jahr 1898 in Pizchendorf Kreis Großwerder, wohnhaft im Dorf Zeyervorderkampen, von 18. April 1945 an die 48. Armee “Sideras” Kategorie Gulak.


That Senger Frieda was a member of the German Civil Air Defense, a Fascist Organization, since 1935. Her husband was a member of the NSDAP.

Genealogist Notes:

  • The Reichsluftschutzbund (RLB) was a civil defense organization founded in 1935; after WW2 it was deemed not to be a Nazi Organization, see Wikipedia article on the subject.
  • Richard Senger was not a member of the NSDAP, although one brother was a sympathizer.

Dass Senger Frieda seit 1935 in einer fasch. Organisation “Luftschutz”war. Ihr Mann war ein Mitglied der nationalsozialistischen Partei.

Frieda Senger Russian Incarceration Records-3

Senger Frieda is sentenced for further punishment to a workers battalion of mobilized Germans.


Senger Frieda wird für weitere Inhaftierung dem Arbeitsbatallien mobilisierte Deutsche zugewiesen.


Worker in the operations group of Concentration Camp 507
Lt. Hr. Makarov.


Mitarbeiter der operationellen Gruppe
Konzentrationslager Nr. 507
Leutnant Hr. Makarow

Frieda Senger GulagsReichsluftschutzbund

The text from the Suchdienst follows:

Deutsches Rotes Kreuz
DRK-Suchdienst Munchen
Chiemgaustr. 109 81549 Munchen

Mark F. Rabideau
711 Nob Hill Trail
80116 Franktown/Colorado
Vereinigten Staaten von Amerika

Munich, 15.01.2010
Senger, Frieda, born: 19.03.1898 in Zeyervorderkampen/Werder

Dear Mr. Rabideau,

Thank you for your inquiry of 07 September, 2009.

The research in our archives, which included the records received from The Central Archives of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation on German prisoners of war and civilians in Soviet captivity, revealed the following record for Mrs. Frieda Senger:

She was taken a prisoner by the Soviet Army on March 17, 1945.

Since 1935 she was organized by the Empire antiaircraft union [ger.Reichsluftschutzbund (RLB)].

On July 7, 1945 she was transfered from the camp 507 (Cheljabinskaja region/ Satkinskij district/ village Bakal) to the working battalion No.1083 (Cheljabinskaja Region/City Kopejsk/ Station Potanino) of mobilized germans.

She was discharged for repatriation on July 1, 1947.

Unfortunately, further data are nonexistent.

According to our record cards dating back to the post-war-years, the last known address of Senger Frieda was from January 9, 1955: Lindenburgweg 202 (or 262), Weitheim/Murnau.

Enclosed, please find a copy of the file in the original Russian language. Due to the quantity of the documents, which come to us to work off, we cann’t unfortunately translate these records . We ask kindly to excuse us.

At present we dont have any other records from The Central Archives of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation on your other relatives: Richard Senger, Frieda Senger, Erich Senger und Luise Senger.

The information from our record cards you will receive in a separate letter.

Sincerely yours,

Anna Repa
case worker
German Red Cross
Tracing Service Munich
Generalsekretariat Suchdienst
Standort Munchen
Zentrale Auskunfts- und Dokumentationsstelle
Chiemgaustrasse 109
D-81549 Munchen
Tel. (089) 68 07 73-0
Fax (089) 68 07 45 92

Based upon the Suchdienst records, we have identified photos from one of the camps where my Oma was enslaved (see below).

Frauenbrigaden auf dem Lagerplatz vor dem Abmarsc


More information on the Camp is also available at: Gulag Memorial DE.

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