ManyRoads Update

A lot has happened during the past few weeks on ManyRoads.  In order to keep things brief I just list them out:

  • We found a new generation of Sengers — a VERY exciting happening– thanks to our LDS Zeyer ev. Kirche records
  • ManyRoads has added a professional German/English- English/German translation service offering
  • A ‘bunch’ of ‘new’ pictures have been added to Elbing Damals
  • We added a Print function to our Posts * Pages (I hope that makes reading long articles easier).
  • Our site is now easy to follow on Twitter (we are at… )
  • We added our name to and now appear 65 sites, as they list them
  • We reformatted our FrontPage in an effort to be more ‘user-friendly’
  • and you have been stopping by frequently to visit our site— Thank you!