Newest Library Documents

We are pleased to announce that the following documents have been added to our ManyRoads library:


  • A Political History of Denmark, Norway and Sweden- Bain
  • The History of Nations- Norway, Sweden, Denmark
  • The History of Sweden


  • History of Switzerland – John Wilson
  • The History of Switzerland – Heinrich Zschokke , Emil Zschokke , Francis George Shaw


  • History of the Mennonites: historically and biographically arranged from the time of the Reformation, more particularly from the time of their emigration to America
  • The Amish Mennonites. A sketch of their origin, and of their settlement in Iowa, with their creed in an appendix
  • The Mennonites : a brief history of their origin and later development in both Europe and America – Smith, C. Henry
  • The Mennonites of America- Smith


  • A History of the Huguenots – William Shergold Browning
  • The Huguenots in France and America (Volume 1) – Lee, Hannah Farnham Sawyer, 1780-1865
  • The Huguenots in France and America (Volume 2) – Lee, Hannah Farnham Sawyer, 1780-1865


  • The History of Prussia vol.1
  • The History of Prussia vol.2
  • Verfall und Untergang der Hansa und des Deutschen Ordens in den Ostseeländern- 1853
  • The Hansa Towns 1889
  • Die Hansa und der Deutsche ritter-orden in den Ostseeländern- 1851
  • Geschichte der deutschen Hansa- 1862
  • The History of Prussia- Wyatt

All of these documents, along with many others, may be accessed in via our Libraries page.