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Adolf Senger

Adolf Senger was the tenth (10th) of Michael Senger’s and Adelgunde Kiel’s 13 children.  He was the second of their sons to give his life in World War 1. Based upon the small amount of information available in the “Deutsche Verlustlisten”, I believe my great uncle fought with: The 75.Infanterie-Brigade 1. Masurisches Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 146(…)

Adelgunde Senger (geboren Kiehl)

This page is under development; research is on-going Note: additional source materials are currently being obtained. Adelgunde Kiehl History -as related to Mark Rabideau by Luise (Senger) Rabideau  (Aledgunde’s grand daughter) Jan 2006 She was born to a family of barge owners (the Kiehl’s)– her birth record we know her birth to have been on(…)

The Beginning

September of my 50th year is when my life began to change.  During a period of 12 short months, my quiet, complacent world would be shaken to its roots. Business was going reasonably well, our son was ensconced in his masters degree program and our daughter was a senior in high school. I was on(…)

Francois Belanger

Francois Horlays Belanger was born on October 02, 1612; at Touque, Normandy, Orne, France; the son of Francois Lisieux Belanger and Francoise Belanger Horlays. According to the church records he was baptized five days later: “On the seventh day of October (1612) was baptized Francois Bellanger, son of Francois Bellanger and Francoise Horlays and was(…)

Philippe Amyot

Although technically not a Quebec Pioneer, Philippe was the father of several. Philippe Amyot arrived in Canada in the summer of 1635 from Soissons. He was accompanied by his wife, Anne Convent, and two sons, Jean and Mathieu.

Mathieu Amyot

Mathieu Amyot was a decisive and entrepreneurial man. He was granted land concessions at Trois Rivières, Sillerie, and near Québec. From the last concession he took the name Villeneuve since it was situated near Pointe Villeneuve. [...]

Quebec (Kebec) Pioneers

The Rabideaus are descended from a large number of original Quebec Pioneers. The histories such as we can find them, are to be found here. Please note that many people have contributed in the generation of these stories.  To the extent possible, we have noted the web locations, etc. for the materials.  Where we have(…)

TNG Integration

We are working at providing a functioning single username/ password link to our genealogical information.  To-date, we still have integration difficulties.

Andre Robidou

Christening: 1640 Ste Marie, Galice, Burgos, Spain Burial: 1 Apr 1678 Montreal, Quebec, Canada Summary for Andre Robidou dit L’Espagnol Came to St. Lambert, LaPrairie, Quebec in 1670. Andre was part Spanish and of dark complection and was sometimes called the Spaniard. The 1666 census for the town of Quebec shows Andre as a sailor(…)

Pierre Desportes

Pierre Desportes- First History Samuel de Champlain sent Recollet priest Georges le Baillif to France as his delegate to King Louis XIII, on September 7, 1621. He was carrying a request to his Majesty from the principal residents of the country. This appeal is said to have been composed by Pierre Desportes, August 18, 1621,(…)

Our New Home

We have moved our genealogy to a new home.  Our plan is that we will be able to provide a ‘tad’ more public information and insight into our work.  If this works out we should still be able to remain discrete while at the same time being more sharing! If you think we ought to(…)

Fair Use

ManyRoads may contain material copyrighted by others. ManyRoads makes any such such material available in an effort to advance an understanding of information related to our family history and circumstances. We believe this constitutes a ‘fair use’ of any such copyrighted material as provided for in section 107 of the US Copyright Law. In accordance(…)

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