[email protected] 29 Nov 2009

This week has been fairly busy at ManyRoads some of the highlights include:

  • I have reformatted the layout of all of download libraries.  Given the number and diversity of document types we have on ManyRoads, it was getting very hard to access and find things. Hopefully the new approach is better. Please use the contact form on our site to let me know if you run into problems with the new layout.
  • East/West Prussian Addressbooks have been given their own page.
  • Numerous ‘newly discovered’ Deutschen Vertriebene stories have been added to the site.
  • A Prussian/German Map Gallery has been added.  Currently the maps are all from Prussia & Germany.  They will be augmented with separate pages from Quebec, Iowa, and the NE United States.
  • A significant number of source materials involving Quebec and Iowa have been uploaded to our libraries as have documents from the former Danzig, and Elbing areas.
  • On the genealogy front, I have managed to identify another ancestor in the Saenger family. We are now nearing the advent of the 1600’s for that branch of our tree.
  • The ManyRoads site had been being leeched upon by numerous unwanted Chinese and Nigerian websites. In order to prevent these undesireables from consuming all of our bandwidth, I blocked all sites from the People’s Republic of China, Nigeria, Macau and VietNam. I apologize to any of the good folks in those countries who might be interested in German/Prussian and North American/ Quebecois genealogy. See here for more information on how to do this for your sites.

I continue to seek pre-World War 2 era photographs from the area immediately around Elbing in West/ East Prussia. Any pointers or help is greatly appreciated.