This week @ ManyRoads

As folks may have noticed, this week has been pretty busy.  To summarize my activities, they break into two major groups “some that you see” and “some that you don’t”.

Probably the largest visible accomplishment involves the addition of almost 10,000 pages of documentation to ManyRoads on the city and county of (Kreis) Elbing.  Included in the vast amount of information are many Adressbuecher– to help trace (find) Elbingers of the past.  I have archived all the issues of which I am aware except one– the 1934 Elbing Adress (Einwohner) Buch. If anyone knows where I can obtain a copy, or knows of other missing issues that I should add to the archive here, please let me know.

As was noted in another post, I have converted many documents (again almost 10,000 pages) into DJVU format for sharing and use here. See this post for more.

I have also added a new way to access and view maps.  That may be found on our German Maps page.  I will add similar pages for other regions as time progresses. If you have any maps that you’d like to share here, please send them along.  I’ll happily upload and share them.

On the LDS research front, I have ordered and received copies of the final set of records from the ev. Kirche in Zeyer. Research will begin in earnest very soon.  I also was lucky enough to have someone make the Family History center to me & Jeremy during his Christmas visit. Thank you!!!!

Watch this space for more news as I feel like writing it.