Updated & New Information

20 October was a very productive day at the Family History Center.  Aside from starting a bit late due to delayed keys, a lot of new information was discovered including:

  • all the dates of birth and christenings for Richard Senger’s siblings were unearthed
  • a previously unknown sibling for Richard was found, Theodor Senger
  • birth dates and spouses for:
    • Michael Senger (the younger)– Adelgunde Kiehl
    • Michael Saenger (the elder) – Esther Euphrosine Landig (marriage record confirmed)
      • Esther’s parents John Landig and Esche Euphrosina Hein were discovered
      • 3 additional children of Michael Saenger & Esther Euphrosine were identified
    • parents for both Michael Sengers

On 21 October the genealogical records reflecting the above plus more were modified; additionally, updated War death records have been added for:

  • Willi Wedhorn
  • Erich Recht
  • Egon Recht
  • Albert Senger
  • Adolf Senger