Pierre Tremblay


Pierre Tremblay, ancestor to the largest french- canadian family was originally from Randonnay, in Perche Normandy. Only head of family with that name who came from France, he is the ancestor to all Tremblay families in America.

The first indication that we find in this country is in the registers of the parish of Notre-Dame-de-Québec dated October 2 1657; it is his wedding ceremony. He married Ozanne Achon, daughter of Jean Achon and Hélène Renaude or Regourde of Puyravault in Aunis, France. He was 30 years old and she was 24.

They were married a full 10 years after the average of their peers but became founders of the largest family of all the french-canadians. Pierre Tremblay and his spouse settled on a farm on the coast of Beaupré in the area that was later to form the parish of L’Ange Gardien. Four of his sons attained adulthood and married. They were Pierre, Michel, Jacques and Louis. All four had large families: Pierre had 15 children, Michel 14, Jacques 6 and Louis 14.

Pierre, Michel and Louis settled on new lands at Baie-Saint-Paul; Jacques, one of the youngest, remained on the paternal farm which he later inherited. His descendants multiplied at L’Ange Gardien, while those of his three brothers soon scattered along the north shore and in particular at Baie-Saint-Paul and the surrounding parishes. Today, the counties of Charlevoix, Saguenay, Chicoutimi, Lac-St-Jean and Roberval are literally covered with Tremblay families.

Our calculations are that at the present time there are , in the province of Québec in particular and in all of America, not less than 9000 Tremblay families, more than 1500 live in Montreal. All of these add up to a total of about 54000 individuals named Tremblay. Quite a formidable progeny, nearly fantastic.