Claude Bouchard


Claude Bouchard, a tailor from Saint-Cosme-de-Vair in Maine, France, first settled on the coast of Beaupré to the east of Québec. He was nicknammed “little Claude” to distinguish him from a namesake and because of his stature.

Claude Bouchard, no doubt influenced by his father in law, Louis Gasnier, decided to take his family and settle on the new lands of Petite-Rivière. On July 26 1682, he contracted to sell his farm at Château- Richerto Jean Boucher, also of Sainte-Anne. He did not go immediately and passed 1682 and 1683 at Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré. In fact, his daughter, Marguerite was married in November 1683 at Sainte-Anne. It is only in the summer of 1684 that Claude Bouchard and his family settled on their new farm at Petite-Rivière.

Claude Bouchard lived the rest of his life at Petite- Rivière. His death certificate dated November 25 1696 shows him aged 70. His wife, Louise Garnier survided him by more than 24 years. She was buried in the Petite-Rivière cemetary on April 27, 1721.

Twelve children were born from Claude Bouchard, six boys and six girls; from these seven more, four girls and three boys survived to adulthood and married.