Our ‘Filles du Roi’

Based on the data we have at our disposal on the date of this writing, we know that the following women were our family’s “Filles du Roi”.

The most interesting, from a Rabideau perspective, is Jean Denote; she was married to Andre Robidou the founder of our family line in the new world.

  1. DeBure, Marie
  2. DeLaGueripiere,  Elizabeth (500 pound dowry)
  3. Denote, Jeanne
  4. Dequain, Anne
  5. Ducharme-dit-Fontaine, Catherine
  6. Goard, Mathurine
  7. Grandin *, Marie
  8. Guerin Brunet, Marie Jeanne
  9. Guillodeau, Madeleine
  10. Moisan, Francoise
  11. Varin, Marie Catherine