ToDo List

The following research is currently underway (as tasks are completed they will be annotated with strike through):

Mark Rabideau

  1. Update genealogical records for Quebecois ‘Filles a Marier’ persons especially with Gagne information
  2. Find more complete Pioneer information
  3. Fix photos on Genealogy side of the site
  4. Clean up Galleries pages and add pictures to high-level pages
  5. Add Nathaniel Deyo line to site
  6. Improve processing speed on the site
  7. Gather data from 1666 Quebec census
  8. Complete TNG-WordPress Integration (awaiting software)
  9. add info on Rote Kreuz Suchdienst materials for the Sengers
  10. research Zeyer Church records thoroughly (in-process)


  1. Publish/ announce available documents to others
  2. Order Zeyer Church records- small batch
  3. Build new site
  4. Build new server environment
  5. add info on Gulags and Perm
  6. Create site security system
  7. Proof & edit Richard Senger WW2 Refugee posting
  8. Identify members of  Carignan-Salières
  9. Identify Quebecois Filles du Roi
  10. cleanup menuing scheme
  11. add family sections to categories
  12. Update/create Pioneer pages in WordPress