Les Filles Du Roi- “Daughters of the King”

The information contained in this Posting was sourced from numerous websites (all noted below) and is presented here to facilitate our genealogical research.  All rights belong to the original authors. This is being used under the laws of ‘fair use’.

Wikipedia has an article on the subject  of the Daughter’s of the King (Les Filles du Roi) as well.

The filles du roi, or King’s Daughters, were some 770 women who arrived in the colony of New France (Canada) between 1663 and 1673, under the financial sponsorship of King Louis XIV of France. They were part of King Louis XIV’s program to promote the settlement of his colony in Canada. Some 737 of these women married and the resultant population explosion gave rise to the success of the colony. Most of the millions of people of French Canadian descent today, both in Quebec and the rest of Canada and the USA (and beyond!), are descendants of one or more of these courageous women of the 17th century.

Most were single French women and many were orphans. Their transportation to Canada and settlement in the colony were paid for by the King. Some were given a royal gift of a dowry of 50 livres for their marriage to one of the many unmarried male colonists in Canada. These gifts are reflected in some of the marriage contracts entered into by the filles du roi at the time of their first marriages. Of the nearly 1000 women who undertook the journey, about 800 made it to Canada. They were promised 50 livres if they married a soldier or farmer and 100 livres if an officer. There were very few of the latter simply because there were very few officers who needed help in finding a girl of their own choice.

The girl was usually selected by her parish priest on recommendation from the Sisters in charge of an orphanage, where she had learned to read and write. It is notable that many of the girls were literate whereas the men they would marry were not. Now she had to be outfitted for the voyage and to begin her future life. Historian Douville and Casanova may be quoted as follows: “To this statutory grant (the dowry) other essential expenses were added. The first disbursement was set at 100 livres: 10 for personal and moving expenses, 30 for clothing and 60 for passage. In addition to the clothing allowance, the following were furnished: a small hope chest in which to put 1 head dress, 1 taffeta handkerchief, 1 pair of shoe ribbons, 100 sewing needles, 1 comb, 1 spool of white thread, 1 pair of stockings, 1 pair of gloves, 1 pair of scissors, 2 knives, 1,000 pins, 1 bonnet, 4 lace braids and 2 livres in silver money. On arrival in Canada, the Sovereign Council of New France provided the girls with some clothing suitable to the climate and some provisions drawn from the King’s warehouse.”

The men eagerly awaited the arrival of the girls and the selection process was usually concluded in a fortnight. Nevertheless, the girl could pick and choose, often to the point of exercising her prerogative a few times over. When the match had been made, the newly married couple was given 50 livres to buy provisions, plus an ox and a cow, 2 pigs, a pair of chickens, 2 barrels of salted meat and 11 crowns in cash. All this was supposed to give them a start in their new life.

Please note: the original source site http://www.geocities.com/m_ruel/fillesduroi.html is no longer functioning. (28 July 2010)

To quote the library of congress:

” When Canada became a royal province in 1663, there were six male colonists of marriageable age for every European-born female. With a view to reducing this imbalance and to ensuring the settlement of the colony, Louis XIV subsidized the cost of passage to New France for nearly 770 young women between 1663 and 1673. When finances permitted, he granted each a dowry of 50 livres intended to facilitate their marriage and settlement.

Contrary to persistent legend, these girls were not prostitutes, but more often orphans raised at the General Hospital of Paris. Within months of their arrival in Canada, marriage to one of the colony’s many suitors followed. In the early 1680s Louis XIV sought to complete this policy of “feminization” by offering the “King’s Gift,” a dowry of 50 livres to every native candidate to intermarry.””

THE KING’S DAUGHTERS from André Therriault / atherria@lightstream.com

This file is a compilation of lists detailing the NAME, MARRIAGE DATE/PLACE, and HUSBAND(S) of each of the women known as the “King’s Daughters”. The lists that I used as reference were originally compiled by Elmer Courteau and Joy Reisinger.

These women, known in French as the “fille du roi”, agreed to travel to the new settlements in North America and marry a settler there in exchange for a 50 pound dowry from the French King. Of the nearly 1000 women who undertook the journey, about 800 made it to Canada.

They made contracts of marriage with the men who had originally settled the New World and usually married within a few days or weeks of the contract signing. Often the women broke the contracts, only to remake them or make new contracts with other men.

What I have attempted to do here, for the convenience of those seeking a list of the women who may be their ancestors, is to give the basic information related to the marriage of each woman. I have included only the name, date and place of the contract or marriage, and the name of the husband. When only the contract is listed, I give only “DATE(cont)”. My original intent was to list the parents and origin of each woman, but it was strongly suggested by Roland Roy that I limit the information to what is listed here. The other details can be found in sources such as JETTE’s “Dictionnaire Genealogique des Familles du Quebec”. Given the scope of this (ambitious!!) project and my limited ability to type, I am more than grateful to Roland for his advice!

I have categorized the lists as my reference did:

Section One: Women from upper class families.
Section Two: Women who annulled marriage contracts
(Here and throughout all of the lists, in the interest of family lines, I only included the actual marriage of the girls rather than list unfulfilled contracts that never produced any of us.)
Section Three: Women from Ile-de-France.
Section Four: Women from Normandy
Section Five: Women of unknown origin
Section Six: Woman from other places in France

In some cases, I could not help but include some of the more interesting historical notes. Unfortunately, most of these notes are of a negative nature – dealing with death, prostitution, or adultery – but never-the-less, “VERY INTERESTING”!! In many cases, the girls married soldiers of the famous Carignan Regiment. I have tried to indicate that fact in each case.

I have tried with the utmost of my ability to avoid (correct) any mistakes in transcription, spelling, etc. Any mistakes you find will probably be those I missed. I apologize now for those that slipped by me. But I will also take the liberty of POUTING now and say, “it’s better than no list at all!”

So – From me to all of you other FC descendents – ENJOY and LEARN.


Also available online at: http://www.fillesduroi.org/src/Filles_list.htm


NAME                  MARRIAGE DATE            HUSBAND
This first list contains those women believed to be born to upper class

BAILLON, Catherine          12 Nov 1669            Jacques MIVILLE dit
Quebec, PQ             DESCHENES

BERAUD, Anne                19 Jun 1674            Mathieu JAROSSON
Quebec, PQ

BOISLEAU, Marie             abt 1668               Pierre CHAUVIN
Ile de Orleans
28 Nov 1669            Simon CHAMBERLAN
Ste-Famille, I.O.
4 Apr 1690             Jean JOLIN
St-Francois, I.O.

BOISLEAU, Marguerite        abt 1663               Jean SERREAU dit
(Sister of Marie)           Chateau-Richer, PQ     SAINT-AUBIN

CHABERT DE LA CARRIERE,     17 Sep 1668            Jacques DU MESNIL-
Marguerite (3000 pound      Quebec, PQ             HEURRY (Troop
dowry)                                             Captain)

CHARPENTIER, Marie-         28 Jul 1672            Louis PRINSEAU
Reine                       Quebec, PQ
26 Aug 1681            Etienne DOMINGO dit
Quebec, PQ             CARABI

CONFLANS, Francoise         11 Oct 1667            Charles RACINE
Quebec, PQ

D’AILLIER, Anne             28 Oct 1671            Jacques-Francois LE
Chateau-Richer, PQ     SOT

DE BELLEAU, Catherine       22 NOv 1667            Jean Baptiste MORIN
(1000 pound dowry)          Quebec, PQ             de ROCHEBELLE

DE BIDQUIN, Madeleine       17 Oct 1673            Jean BOUVET dit
(600 pound dowry)           Quebec, PQ             La CHAMBRE (Carignan
Regiment surgeon)

DE CHEVRAINVILLE, Marie     22 Oct 1663            Isaac LAMY
Madeleine                   Quebec, PQ

DE CHEVRAINVILLE, Claude    12 Aug 1665            Henri BRAULT
(Sister of Marie above)     Quebec, PQ             (BAREAU) dit
DE COPPEQUESNE,             10 Jan 1667            Jean GATEAU
Charlotte                   Montreal, PQ
1 Mar 1688             Jacques BRAULT
Montreal, PQ

DE LA CROIX, Francoise      4 Nov 1669             Rene HUBERT
Quebec, PQ

DE LA FITTE, Apolline       17 Oct 1673 (cont)     Nicolas ROUSSELOT
(1000 pound dowry)          Quebec, PQ             dit LA PRAIRIE
(Carignan Soldier)

DE LA PORTE                 12 Oct 1665            Francois GENAPLE
(1000 pound dowry)          Quebec, PQ             dit BELLEFOND (Royal
22 Nov 1711            Rene HUBERT
Quebec, PQ

DE LOSTELNEAU               11 Oct 1668            Charles DENYS-Sieur
Quebec, PQ             de VITRE

DE MATRAS, Judith           2 Dec 1669 (cont)      Charles-Pierre LE
(3000 pound dowry)          Quebec, PQ             GARDEUR Sieur de

DE NEVELET, Marguerite      19 Mar 1670            Abraham BOUAT
Montreal, PQ

DU FIGUIER, Helene          24 Oct 1663            Jacques FOURNIER
Quebec, PQ

DUMORTIER de LEUR,          22 Nov 1667            Timothee ROUSSEL
Madeleine                   Quebec, PQ             (Surgeon)

GAILLARD, Marguerite        Widow of               Hercule DUPERRON
26 Jul 1664            Francois PROVOST
Quebec, PQ
12 Jan 1671            Louis SAUCIER
Quebec, PQ
abt 1677               Michel LEGARDEUR
Sillery, PQ

GRANDJON, Marie-Madeleine   21 Oct 1669            Marin RICHARD
Quebec, PQ

GRAVOIS, Marie              3 Nov 1667             Philippe ETIENNE
Troi-Rivieres, PQ

GROISARD, Jeanne            25 Oct 1668            Zacharie, DUPIUS
(2000 pound dowry)          Quebec, PQ

HUBERT, Isabelle            20 Aug 1668            Louis BOLDUC
Quebec, PQ             (Carignan Soldier)

LE MERLE D’AUPRE,           8 Feb 1672             Laurent BORY
Lady Marguerite             Montreal, PQ

LEPAGE, Marie-Rogere        Widow of               Paul BELLEFONTAINE
5 Dec 1667             Roch THOERY
Quebec                 (Carignan Soldier)
16 Oct 1681            Jean Baptiste
Quebec, PQ             PEUVRET

LE QUINT, Isabelle          5 Jul 1668             Jean GAIGNEUX dit
Quebec, PQ             LAFRAMBOISE
(Carignan Soldier)
8 Feb 1671             Etienne L’EVEILLE
Quebec, PQ
26 Apr 1688            Pierre GIRARD
Pte-Aux-Trembles, PQ

MARTIN, Marie               6 Nov 1671             Christopher FEVRIER

MULOIS, Marie               8 JAn 1668(cont)       Pierre SAINT-OURS
Champlain              (Carignan Captain)

PASQUIER de FRANCLIEU,      10 Jan 1668            Charles COUILLARD

PHANSEQUE (VANZEGUE),       20 Nov 1673            Hubert LEROUX
Marie Ann (of Hamburg,      Montreal, PQ
7 Apr 1682             Gabriel CARDINAL
N.D. de Montreal, PQ

PORTAS, Marie Angelique     30 JAn 1668            Jean LE CONTE
Quebec, PQ             (Carignan Soldier)

PRUNIER, Marie              4 Nov 1671             Jean GAILLOU

RENAULT, Marguerite         3 Oct 1667             Emmanuel LOPPEZ
Quebec, PQ

SAGEOT, Genevieve           10 Oct 1667            Antoine ADHEMAR
Quebec, PQ             (Carignan Soldier)

THIREMENT, Anne             18 Aug 1671            Jean Baptiste de
Quebec, PQ                       PEIRAS


The following is a list of women that “had second thoughts.”  That is,
they contracted marriage with one or more men prior to their actual
marriage.  I am only going to list here the final marriage for each

NAME                  MARRIAGE DATE            HUSBAND

AUBRY, Francois             25 Sep 1673            Antione MERCIER dit
Quebec, PQ             L’ESPINE
abt 1676               Vincent CHATIGNY
Ile Perce

BAILLY, Madeleine           5 Jul 1672             Guillaume VANIER dit
Quebec, PQ             LAFONTAINE
27 Sep 1697            Joseph FERNANDO
Charlesbourg, PQ

BARBERY, Francoise          12 Nov 1668            Rene D’ARDEYNE
Montreal, PQ           (DARDENNE)

BARBIER, Jeanne             3 Nov 1670 (cont)      Julien PLUMEREAU dit
Chambly, PQ            LATRAILLE
7 Jan 1681             Francois BLAIN
Contrecoeur, PQ        (HAMBLIN)

BARDOU, Marie Louise        30 Sep 1669            Mathurin DROUET dit
Quebec, PQ             GRANDMAISON

BARRE, Catherine            11 Jan 1665            Mathurin CHAILLE
Quebec, PQ

BERGER, Marguerite          9 Oct 1670             Charles COURTOIS
Quebec, PQ

BLAISE, Marguerite          23 Oct 1669 (cont)     Jean PASQUIER
Sillery, PQ
18 Jan 1670            Issac HARNOIS
St. Augustin, PQ

BLONDEAU                    16 Nov 1671            Rene ABRAHAM dit
Troi-Rivieres, PQ      DESMARETS

BONVILLE (BONHEUR), Marie   27 Oct 1669            Paul INARD
Ste Famille, I.O.      (Carignan soldier)

BRACONNIER, Jeanne          18 Sep 1673            Crespin THUILLIER
Quebec, PQ             dit La TOUR
16 Oct 1675            Charles EDELINE
Boucherville, PQ

BRUNET, Anne                23 Nov 1665            Pierre COIRIER
Quebec, PQ

BUREL, Jeanne               3 Nov 1667             Andre POUTRE dit
Quebec, PQ             LAVIGNE (Carignan

CARTOIS, Henriette          26 Oct 1671            Michel AUDEBOUT
Quebec, PQ
23 Jul 1675            Andre PATRY
Quebec, PQ
27 Mar 1702            Francois COUTELET
St. Francois, I.O

CHAMBOY (CHAMOIS), Marie    abt 1673               Francois FRIGON
Batiscan, PQ

CHARPENTIER, Marguerite     16 Oct 1668            Rene MEUSNIER (Le
Quebec, PQ            MEUSNIER) dit LARAMEE
23 Jan 1705            Jean FANIE
Pte-aux-Trembles, PQ

COINDREAU, Esther           widowed in France      Jacques LAPORTE
8 Mar 1666             Jean BAILLARGEON
Quebec, PQ

COIPEL, Marie               21 Oct 1669            Guillaume FAGOT
Quebec, PQ
22 Nov 1677            Claude RENARD
Quebec, PQ

COLIN, Rose Marie           abt 1670               Francois DE GUIRE
St. Ours, PQ           (Carignan Soldier)

COLLET, Jeanne              31 Dec 1668            Gregoire SIMON
(Killed by the Iroquois)    Montreal, PQ

DE LALORE (LAWLOR),         abt 1662               Louis BADAILLAC
Catherine                   Sorel, PQ              (Carignan Soldier)
(From London, Eng.)

DE LARUE, Charlotte         19 Sep 1673            Jean LAVANOIS
Quebec, PQ             (Caragnan Soldier)
26 Nov 1696            Andre MORIN
Charlesbourg, PQ

DE MONMAINIER, Marie        7 Jan 1666             Noel ROSE (LaROSE,
(DE MONT-MESNIL)            Quebec, PQ                       ROYER)
25 Nov 1687            Francois DUMAS
Quebec, PQ

DESEINE, Catherine          15 Oct 1672            Jean SENECAL
Montreal, PQ
DES GRANGES, Louise         15 Oct 1669            Louis DE L’ISLE
Quebec, PQ

DESPORTES, Francoise        5 Nov 1669(cont)       Pierre-Andre RENAULT
Sillery, PQ            dit LOCAT

DUBOIS, Marie               3 Nov 1670             Michel BROUILLET dit
Fort Chambly, PQ       LAVIOLETTE (Caragnan

DU COUDRAY                  15 Sep 1670            Francois GRENET
Quebec, PQ

DUPRE, Francoise            7 Oct 1669             Jean LOBAT
Sillery, PQ

DUVAL, Francoise            16 Nov 1671            Pierre COURAULT
Quebec, PQ             (COULON)
12 Aug 1681            Antoine RENAUD dit
Quebec, PQ             LE TAMBOUR
10 Dec 1695            Francois RENAUD
Quebec, PQ

DUVAL, Marie Madeleine      abt 1672               Jacques JOUBERT
(Sister of Francoise)       near Sorel, PQ

FOSSE (DU FAUSSAY), Jeanne  1 Sep 1670             Louis DORE
Quebec, PQ

FRESSEL, Jeanne             10 Oct 1670            Etienne JACOB
(850 pound dowry)           Quebec, PQ

GATEAU (GASTEAU), Catherine 19 Nov 1671(cont)      Vivien JEAN
29 Nov 1671(Marr)

GENEST, Jeanne Leonarde     1 Nov 1669             Noel CARDIN
Troi-Rivieres, PQ
6 Nov 1671             Pierre LOISEAU dit
Troi-Rivieres, PQ      FRANCOUR

GITON, Marie                26 Nov 1676            Andre BERNARD
Quebec, PQ

GOBERT, Marie Madeleine     8 Sep 1670             Pierre GROSLEAU
Quebec, PQ             (GROLEAU)

GUILLIN, Francois           12 Nov 1668            Andre TRAJOT
Montreal, PQ
27 Jan 1709            Claude ROBILLARD
Montreal, PQ

HALLAY, Marie               24 Aug 1671            Bertrand COURTOIS
Quebec, PQ

HARIOT (ARIOT), Marie       11 Apr 1671            Rene VANDE
Quebec, PQ

HERBERT, Francoise          3 May 1668             Jean BAPTISTE dit
Quebec, PQ             SAINT AMOUR
23 Nov 1671            Philippe CAZALIER
Quebec, PQ

HUE, Marie                  7 Jan 1668             Jean BOESME
Quebec, PQ

JASSELIN, Marguerite        31 Oct 1676            Mathurin LELIEVRE
Lachine, PQ
8 Jan 1684             Nicolas LEMOYNE
Lachine, PQ
JAVELOT, Anne               24 Jan 1667            Jacques LEBOEUF
Quebec, PQ

LA BASTILLE dit MARTIN,     11 Apr 1669            Rene GAULTIER dit
Renee                       Ste Famille, I.O.      LaROSE

LABBE, Jeanne               28 Nov 1669(cont)      Jean HELIE
Ste Famille, I.O.

LACROIX, Suzanne            17 Oct 1672            Jacques SAVARIAUX
Quebec, PQ

LAISNE, Catherine           23 Nov 1671            Etienne MESNY
Ste Famille, I.O.
23 May 1709            Jean PARE
Ste Famille. I.O.

LAMOUREUX, Etoinette        9 Nov 1667(annulled ?) Jacques Lambert
(notary LaTouche)

L’ANFILLE, Marie            9 Nov 1665             Pierre ROCHE
Chateau-Richer, PQ

LA PLACE, Marguerite        abt 1672               Pierre LE SIEGE (LE
Lavaltrie, PQ          CHARLE)
15 Sep 1696            Pierre BREBANT dit
Montreal, PQ           LECOMPTE

LEFEBVRE, Elizabeth Agnes   14 Oct 1670            Francois Louis
St. Anne de Beaupre    THIBAULT

LE MOYNE, Marie             16 Nov 1665            Jacques DUHAULT dit
Quebec. PQ             PARIS

LENOIR, Antoinette          29 Oct 1669            Jacques LE BOEUF
Quebec, PQ
18 Jul 1701            Jean ARCOUET
Batiscan, PQ           (Carignan Soldier)

LE ROUX, Catherine          29 Oct 1670            Rene GOULET

LE VAIGNEUR, Marguerite     1 Mar 1668             Leonard MONTREAU dit
Montreal, PQ           FRANCOEUR (Caragnan

MARCHAND, Elizabeth         6 Oct 1670             Pierre COEUR
Quebec, PQ

MARECHAL, Madeleine         abt 1670               Pierre POUPARDEAU
(banished from         near Cap-de-la-Madeleine
Montreal for life)

MARIE, Jeanne               29 Oct 1670            Francois VEZINAT

MARTIN dit RICHARD,         5 Jan 1670             Pierre CAMPAGNA
Anne Franacoise             Cap-Rouge, PQ

NAVARON, Marguerite         26 Aug 1669            Etienne ROY
Quebec, PQ

OLIVIER, Jeanne             26 Oct 1671            Andre LEROUX
Quebec, PQ
PAVIOT, Marie               13 May 1668            Antoine MONDAIN
Ile de Orleans

PAYEN, Marie Marthe         6 Oct 1670             Mathurin CORNUE
Quebec, PQ

PECHINA, Marie              11 Aug 1672            Guillaume GOUROT
Quebec, PQ
18 Feb 1686            Adrien HAYOT
Quebec, PQ

PETIT, Marie                29 Oct 1669            Christophe LAURENT
Quebec, PQ             dit CHAMPAGNE
(Carignan Soldier)
Jul 1676               Jean COITEAU dit
Contrecoeur, PQ        SAINT-JEAN
19 Jul 1677(Cont)
Pte-aux-Trembles, PQ

PHILIPPE, Anne              24 Nov 1671            Francois BACQUET dit
Quebec, PQ             LAMONTAGNE
20 Sep 1709            Francois MARQUET
Quebec, PQ

PILOIS, Francoise           14 Oct 1665            Antoine CASSE
Chateau-Richer, PQ

PLOUART, Marie Madeleine    21 Jan 1670            Jacques VIAU
Montreal, PQ           (Carignan soldier)
POIRE, Marie                21 Oct 1669            Jean HARDY
Quebec, PQ

PROVOST, Marguerite         27 Oct 1669            Martin POISSON
Ile de Orleans

RAMBAU, Jeanne              abt 1670               Etienne RAIMBAULT
Chambly, PQ            (Carignan Soldier)

RENARD dit LECOINTE,        26 Apr 1672            Jacques DION (GUYON)
Jeanne                      Quebec, PQ

RENAULT, Anne               7 Oct 1669             Jean LASPRON dit
Quebec, PQ             LACHARITE (Carignan

RIGAU, Jeanne               abt 1676               Michel POIRIER dit
Sorel, PQ              LANGEVIN

RIVET, Catherine            7 Jan 1666(cont)       Pierre DUCHESNE dit
Ile de Orleans         LAPIERRE

RIVIERE, Anne               abt 1676               Jean SELEURIER dit
near St-OURS, PQ           DESLAURIERS (ALARY)
(Carignan Soldier)

ROUX, Aimee                 6 Feb 1670(cont)       Emard TINON dit
St. Augustin, PQ       DESROCHES

SONNOIS, Therese            26 Oct 1671            Pierre VACHE
Quebec, PQ

TALBOT, Anne                2 Nov 1670             Jean GAREAU dit ST-
Boucherville, PQ       ONGE

TAVREY, Martine             14 Sep 1670            Nicolas MARCOTTE
Quebec, PQ

TESSIER, Genevieve          4 Jul 1673             Pierre JOLI
Quebec, PQ

TISSERAN, Madeleine         12 Sep 1673            Pierre PARENTEAU
Quebec, PQ
27 Jul 1695            Jean CHARPENTIER
Quebec, PQ

VALET, Cecile               Widow of               Etienne d’ORANGE
27 Oct 1669            Michel DURAND
Quebec, PQ

VAUQUET, Marie              7 Oct 1670             Guillaume D’ORILLARD
Quebec, PQ

VERGER, Marie               15 Sep 1670            Jean HUS
Quebec, PQ

VERRIER, Catherine          30 Sep 1669            Pierre RONDEAU
Ste Famille, I.O.

VIDEAU, Anne                26 Feb 1664            Jean JOUINEAU
Quebec, PQ
30 Jun 1676            Etienne BLANCHON dit
Quebec, PQ             LA ROSE

The following women are listed as having made contracts with one or more men, annulling the contracts and not marrying or not being heard from again. CHARON, Francoise GIRARD, Marie DE MARINNE, Jeanne MERY, Anne DESCHAMPS, Marie Madeleine OUACHE, Marie Madeleine DU BICOURT, Jeanne RAUDY, Marthe DUBIE, Marie Francoise VAILLANT, Perette FIRMIN, Lady Marie Anne


The following is a list of “King’s Daughters” from the Ile-de-France.

NAME                  MARRIAGE DATE            HUSBAND

ABRAHAM, Marguerite         11 Jan 1678            Joseph-Osanny NADEAU
Ste Famille, I.O.      dit LAVIGNE

AGATHE, Marie Anne          16 Oct 1663            Laurent ARMAND
Quebec, PQ             (Surgeon)

ANTHOINE, Denise             11 Oct 1670(cont)      Laurent BUY dit
Champlain, PQ          LAVERGNE (Carignan
abt 1690               Mathurin BANLIER
St-Ours, PQ            (Carignan Soldier)

ARCULAR, Marie              28 Oct 1669            Claude LEFEBVRE dit
Quebec, PQ             BOULANGER
7 Jul 1692             Pierre LEJAMBLE
St-Francois, I.O.

ATTENVILLE, Marie           15 Oct 1669            Robert SENAT
Quebec, PQ
20 Jan 1671            Jean FAUCONNET dit
Quebec, PQ             LAFLEUR
6 Oct 1683             Charles MARTIN
Boucherville, PQ
25 Feb 1686            Francois CESAR dit
Boucherville, PQ       De La GARDELETTE

AUBE, Francoise             8 Oct 1668             Michel ROY dit
Quebec, PQ             CATELLEREAU
(Carignan Soldier)

AUBERT, Isabelle            29 Sep 1670            Aubin LAMBERT dit

AUBERT, Jeanne              20 Nov 1669(cont)      Jean BISSON
abt 1676               Joseph MORACHE
Champlain, PQ

AUBRY, Anne                 abt 1774               Antoine CAILLE dit
near LaPRAIRIE, PQ          BRULEFER

AUGER, Jeanne               26 Oct 1671            Sebastien NOLET
Quebec, PQ

BAISELAT, Francoise         16 Aug 1668            Laurent CAMBIN dit
Quebec, PQ             LARIVIERE (Carignan
4 Jan 1693             Andre CORBEIL dit
Pte-aux-Trembles       TRANCHEMONTAGNE
(Carignan Soldier)

BARDE, Anne/Jeanne          5 Oct 1665(cont)       Jean PAULIN
Ile de Orleans

BARILLET, Anne              9 Nov 1671             Guy VACHER
Quebec, PQ

BAUDAIN, Catherine          12 Oct 1671            Pierre COCQUIN dit
Quebec, PQ             LATOURNELLE
(Carignan Soldier)

BAUDON, Etiennette          10 Jan 1672            Tugal COTIN
Quebec, PQ

BAUGE, Anne                 2 Oct 1673             Guillaume CORRUBLE
Quebec, PQ

BAUGRAN, Marguerite         18 Sep 1673            Charles LE MARQUIS
Quebec, PQ

BELLESOEUR, Anne            12 Oct 1665            Nicolas MASSARD
Quebec, PQ
19 May 1686            Jeam LAMBERT
Lauzon, PQ
14 Jul 1688            Jean CHEVAUDIER
Quebec, PQ

BERRIN, Marguerite          2 Jul 1675             Julien BOUIN dit
Quebec, PQ             DUFRESNE (Carignan

BERTAUT, Anne               21 Oct 1669            Robert CHARTIER
Quebec, PQ

BESCHE, Jeanne              19 Nov 1670            Pierre CHAPERON
Bocherville, PQ

BESNARD, Jeanne             20 Apr 1665            Pierre GADOIS
Montreal, PQ

BILLOT, Catherine           1 Sep 1670             Urbain JAGOT
Quebec, PQ

BILLOT, Genevieve           24 Aug 1670(cont)      Jean DENIS
(moved to Acadia            Cap-Rouge, PQ
7 Aug 1698)

BLAIN, Marie Anne           19 Oct 1665            Pierre GERVAIS
Quebec, PQ

BLAY, Isabelle              7 Oct 1669             Pierre ROCHE
Ste Famille, I.O.
28 Apr 1677            Vincent GUILLOT
Ste Famille, I.O.

BOUCAULT, Jeanne-           30 Sep 1670            Louis COULOMBE
Marguerite                  Ste Famille, I.O.

BOUCHER, Madeleine          20 Oct 1665            Francois BLANCHARD
Quebec, PQ

BOURGOIS, Francoise         3 Nov 1669             Paul VIGNAUX dit
Ste Famille            LAVERDURE (Carignan

BOURGOIS, Jeanne            25 Oct 1665            Andre COUDRET
Quebec, PQ
11 Jun 1708            Pierre GLAUMONT
Quebec, PQ

BOUTET, Marie Madeleine     15 Sep 1664            Rene-Gervais BISSON
Quebec, PQ

BRUNEAU, Catherine          3 Sep 1670(cont)       Jean MONIN
Sillery, PQ

BUREAU, Catherine           28 Oct 1669            Etienne CORRIVEAU
Ste Famille, I.O.
15 Jan 1695            Simon DARME
LaDurantaye, PQ

CAILLE, Marie Jeanne        16 Nov 1671            Jacques PEPIN
Troi-Rivieres, PQ

CALAIS, Helene              25 Sep 1673            Blaise BELLEAU dit
Quebec, PQ             LAROSE

CANARD, Marie Madeleine     12 Oct 1671            Crespin THUILLIER
Quebec, PQ             dit LaTOUR

CARBONNET, Madeleine        11 Aug 1664            Etienne SEDILLOT dit
Quebec, PQ             DESNOYERS

CARDILLON, Marguerite       12 Jan 1666            Claude DESJARDINS
Quebec, PQ             dit CHARBONNIER

CARLIER, Marie              11 Nov 1670            Rene FEZERAT
Montreal, PQ

CARTIGNIER, Marie           30 Sep 1669            Germain VANNIER dit
Quebec, PQ             LAFONTAINE
24 Sep 1685            Jacques CAILLET
Charlesbourg, PQ
3 Sep 1691             Marc TESSIER
Charlesbourg, PQ

CELLES, Marie               12 Oct 1671(cont)      Jean NOEL
Sillery, PQ

CHAMFRIN, Renee             27 Oct 1669            Pierre GARANT
Ste Famille, I.O.

CHANDOYSEAU, Nicole         7 Oct 1670             Etienne BENOIT dit
Montreal, PQ           LAJEUNESSE
18 Aug 1698            Pierre GOUR

CHARBONNIER, Marie          2 Jan 1673             Franois LE NOIR dit
Madeleine                   Montreal, PQ           ROLLAND (Carignan

CHARLIER, Michelle          9 Oct 1668(first cont) Masse BESNIER
1 Sep 1683(second cont)
23 Jan 1684            Laurent CASTEL
Champlain, PQ
19 Mar 1710            Louis PETIT
Verennes, PQ
CHARPENTIER, Marguerite     11 Jun 1669            Toussaint LUCAS dit
Montreal, PQ           LAGARDE (Carignan

CHARPENTIER, Marie          11 Nov 1671(cont)      Pierre GENDRAS

CHARTIER, Jeanne            10 Sep 1670            Thecle-Cornelius
(650 pound dowry)           Quebec, PQ             AUBRY dit THECLE

CHERFAUX, Denise            16 Nov 1665            Thomas GRANDRIE

CHRETIEN, Madeleine         20 Oct 1670            Pierre CHICOINE
Montreal, PQ
19 Jun 1702            Louis-Odet PIERCOT
Contrecoeur, PQ

CHRETIEN, Marie             4 Nov 1670             Paul PERROT
(Could be cousin of         Montreal, PQ           (Carignan Soldier)
Madeleine above)

CLERICE, Catherine          12 Oct 1671            Jacques LUSSIER
Quebec, PQ

COLET, Marguerite           19 Nov 1670            Jacques BISSONNET
Boucherville, PQ

COLIN, Denise               17 Nov 1673            Roch ROUIN
Boucherville, PQ
19 Sep 1694            Antoine GLORIA
Boucherville, PQ

COUSIN, Francoise           13 Oct 1665            Charles GAUDREAU
Charlesbourg, PQ

COY, Marie Charlotte        12 Nov 1669(cont)      Jean BRARD (Carignan
Troi-Rivieres, PQ      Soldier)
24 Apr 1678            Pierre BRUNION
Sorel, PQ              (Carignan Soldier)

CROSNIER, Jeanne            30 Sep 1669            Francois MAGNAN
Quebec, PQ

DAMESNI, Denise             26 Oct 1665(cont)      Rene HOURAY
Champlain, PQ

DAMISE, Claude              10 Dec 1668            Pierre PERTHUIS dit
Montreal, PQ           LALIME (Carignan
(While married, she had an illegitimate son, Andre, bap. 3 Mar 1676 at
Pte-aux-Trembles, Montreal, PQ.  Father was Jean PARADIS.)

DAMOURS, Helene             6 Aug 1668             Louis FOUCHE
Quebec, PQ
5 JUN 1686             Isaac LEMIRE
Batiscan, PQ

DANNEVILLE, Gabrielle       27 Jul 1665            Louis BLANCHARD
Quebec, PQ
12 Jun 1684            Mathieu LaGRANGE
Quebec, PQ
22 Sep 1712            Hilaire BERNARD
Beauport, PQ           Sieur de La Riviere
(Her mother, Margurite LeROY was also a King’s Daughter.  Her father,
Brice DANNEVILLE died in France prior to the two women arriving in

D’AUBIGNY, Marguerite       19 Sep 1673            Charles DEVAUX dit
Quebec, PQ             LAPLANTE and dit

DE BEAUREGARD, Marie        12 Nov 1665            Sebastien LANGLIER
Quebec, PQ
12 Oct 1682            Etienne GELINAS
Quebec, PQ

DE LA COUR, Marie           12 Oct 1669            Gabriel ROGER
(450 pound dowry)           Ste Famille, I.O.
also recorded as
30 Oct 1669
Quebec, PQ

DE LA GUERIPIERE,           26 Oct 1671            Jean DeRAINVILLE
Elizabeth                   Quebec, PQ
(500 pound dowry)

DE LA HAYE, Catherine       18 Nov 1669            Pierre GIGNARD
Quebec, PQ
25 Jun 1685            Etienne RAGEOT dit
Quebec, PQ             LIONNAIS
7 Jan 1689             Pierre CORDIER
Quebec, PQ

DE LA HAYE, Jeanne          25 Oct 1666            Philippe CHAUVIN
Quebec, PQ

DE LA HOUGE, Marie Claire   27 Nov 1669            Francois SEDILOT dit
Quebec, PQ             MONTREUIL

DE LA MARCHE, Charlotte     30 Sep 1669            Jacques LUSSIER
(350 pound dowry)           Quebec, PQ             (LUSSYE)

DE LA PIERRE, Perrine       20 March 1666          Honore DANNY dit
Montreal, PQ           TOURANGEAU
19 Mar 1705            Yves LUCAS
Lachine, PQ
DENOT, Jeanne               7 Jun 1667             Andre ROBIDOU dit
Quebec, PQ             L’ESPAGNOL
16 Aug 1678            Jacques SUPRENANT
Laprairie, PQ          dit SANSSOUCY
(Carignan Soldier)

DESCHAMPS, Anne             29 Oct 1669            Michel BOUTET dit
Quebec, PQ             L’ESPINASSE

DESCHAMPS, Marie            13 Oct 1669            Michel VERRET
(300 pound dowry)           Quebec, PQ

DESFOSSES, Francoise        18 Oct 1669            Jacques BIDET
Ste Famille, I.O.

DESJARDINS, Francoise       12 Oct 1665            NNicolas DROISY
Quebec, PQ

DESMARETS, Catherine        20 Oct 1669            Francois LIRET
Quebec, PQ             (HILARET)

DESPRES, Madeleine          15 Sep 1670            Nicolas AUDET dit
Ste Famille, I.O.      LAPOINTE

DESPRES, Marguerite         Widow of               Benjamin PICHARD
Paris, France
3 Dec 1663             Francois BECQUET
Quebec, PQ

DOIGT, Ambroise             14 Oct 1669            Jacques MAGNAN
Quebec, PQ

DROUET, Catherine           19 Oct 1671            Pierre CHAMARE
(she was his 2nd wife)      Quebec, PQ

DUCHARME, Catherine         12 Jan 1672            Pierre ROY
Montreal, PQ

DUCHEMIN, Marie Anne        19 Sep 1673            Pierre YVELIN
(600 pound dowry)           Quebec, PQ

DUMOUSTIERS, Antoinette     28 Nov 1669            Jacques MATINEAU
Quebec, PQ

DUPUY, Catherine            28 Nov 1663            Charles MARTIN
(his first wife)            Montreal, PQ

DURAND, Catherine           25 Nov 1665            Pierre PICHET
Quebec, PQ
(Pichet had left his 1st wife in France when he came to Quebec.  His
brother, arriving later in Quebec, told him his wife was dead.  He then
married Catherine Durand.  He learned in 1671 that his 1st wife was
alive.  She died, however, on her way to Quebec.  His marriage to
Catherine was rehabilitated 9 Sep 1673 at Quebec.)
FAYET, Anne                 8 Sep 1670             Rene SIRET dit
Quebec, PQ             LAFLEUR

FERET, Catherine            4 Nov 1667(cont)       Louis LEFEBVRE
Cap-de-la-Madeleine    (Carignan Soldier)

FLEUREAU, Marie             30 Sep 1669            Jean DELAUNAY
(500 pound dowry)           Quebec, PQ             (Surgeon)

FOUBERT, Anne               20 Oct 1670            Pierre BOISSEAU
Montreal, PQ

FOURIER, Catherine          14 Oct 1670            Mathurin MERCADIER
Montreal, PQ
11 May 1672            Jean BOUSQUET
Montreal, PQ
20 Nov 1712            Francois MARTIN
Montreal, PQ

FROST, Louise               9 Sep 1670             Julien MEUNIER
Quebec, PQ

GALAIS, Anne                1 Sep 1670             Michel HEBERT dit
Quebec, PQ             LAVERDURE (Carignan

GALLIEN (PAULINIER),        22 Oct 1665            Laurent GOUIN
Therese                     22 Oct 1666(cont)
Fort LaTouche, PQ
7 Jan 1687             Louis GILBERT
Champlain, PQ

GAMBIER, Marguerite         26 Jul 1664            Michel Nicolas
Quebec, PQ          Le GARDEUR dit SANSOUCY

GAUTHIER, Marie             7 Nov 1669(cont)       Pierre PROU
Champlain, PQ

GILLES, Jeanne              24 Aug 1670            Francois FLEURY
( 350 pound dowry)          St. Augustin, PQ
1 Jun 1689             Rene DUMAS (Carignan
Montreal, PQ           Soldier)
1 Sep 1704             Pierre GALET
Montreal, PQ

GOARD, Mathurine            31 May 1667            Louis MARIE dit STE-
Montreal, PQ           MARIE

GOISET, Anne                21 Oct 1669            Andre ALBERT
(800 pound dowry)           Quebec, PQ

GOMOND, Madeleine           15 Oct 1668            Jean LANGLOIS
(300 pound dowry)           Quebec, PQ
16 Aug 1670            Pierre FRANCOIS
Quebec, PQ

GOSSARD, Noelle             16 Oct 1671            Jacques BUSSIERE
(350 pound dowry)           Ste Famile, I.O.

GRANDJEAN, Adrienne         8 Jan 1666(cont)       Rene BAUCHE dit
Ile de Orleans         SANSSOUCY

GRIMBAUT, Anne              17 Sep 1670            Jean JOUAN
(400 pound dowry)           Ste Famille, I.O.
19 Feb 1691            Claude DESPORTES
St. Laurent, PQ

GROSSEJAMBE, Francoise      26 Oct 1671            Julien BOISSY dit La
(350 pound dowry)           Quebec, PQ             GRILLADE

GUERARD, Catherine          12 Feb 1670(cont)      Guillien DUBORD dit
Champlain, PQ          LAFONTAINE

GUERRIERE, Marie-Bonne      12 Oct 1665(cont)      Jacques FAUGUES
Sillery, PQ
abt 1674/75            Charles MARCHAND
Neuville or
St. Augustin, PQ

GUICHELIN, Catherine        23 Oct 1669(cont)      Nicolas BUTEAU
Sillery, PQ
(She was taken to court 19 Aug 1675 and charged with prostitution and
leading a scandalous life.  The court ordered her “banished from the
city and suburbs until her husband’s return. “Their 10 yr. old daughter
was living as an adopted child with Pierre BULTE and his wife, and
their 8 yr. old son was living with Antoine TAPIN in 1681 at Neuville.
She gave birth to a number of illegitimate children.  She made and
annulled two marriage contracts.  She later married Charles TISSIAU dit
St-GERMAIN, 16 Apr 1708 at Montreal.  She later married a 3rd time to
Carignan soldier, Jean ROY dit LAPENSEE, 16 Feb 1716 at Montreal, PQ.)

GUILLAUME, Anne             19 Oct 1671            Francois DUBOIS
(350 pound dowry)           Quebec, PQ

GUILLAUME, Marie            15 Jan 1671            Nicolas MAHUE
11 May 1675(cont)      Laurent MIGNERON
(he was widower)

GUYARD, Catherine           24 Nov 1665            Antoine BAUDRY dit
Montreal, PQ           L’EPINETTE

HACHE, Francoise            30 Oct 1664            Guillaume BONHOMME
(500 pound dowry)           Quebec, PQ

HALAY, Marie                11 Jan 1672            Antoine AUGERON
Quebec, PQ             (Widower)

HALLIER, Perette            15 Oct 1669            Antoine BORDELEAU
(400 pound dowry)           Quebec, PQ             (Carignan Soldier)
HANNETON (HALETON),         6 Jan 1669(cont)       Joachim REGUINEAU
Madeleine                   Boucherville, PQ

HEBERT, Marie Madeleine     15 Oct 1670(cont)      Denis BROSSEAU
Troi-Rivieres, PQ

HERON, Jacqueline           15 Oct 1665            Jacques GALARNEAU
Quebec, PQ
9 May 1706             Jean PICARD
Montreal, PQ

HIARDIN, Marguerite         5 Oct 1665(cont)
Dec 1665(marr)       Nicolas VERIEUL
Chateau-Richer, PQ

HIARDIN, Marie              9 Oct 1668             Pierre L’ANCOUGNIER
Quebec, PQ             dit LACROIX
(Carignan Soldier)

HUBERT, Marie               30 Sep 1670            Nicolas FOURNIER
Quebec, PQ
25 Feb 1691            Jean GACHET
Charlesbourg, PQ

HUBERT (CHAREBERT),         abt 1672               Jean LESIEUR
Marie Charlotte             Champlain area
abt 1694               Louis DEFOY
Batiscan, PQ

HUBINET, Louise             12 Oct 1671            Jacques FOURNEL
(350 pound dowry)           Quebec, PQ

JOSSARD, Elizabeth          6 Oct 1670             Jean Baptiste
(850 pound dowry)           Quebec, PQ             POITIERS, Sieur DU
BUISSON (Carignan
Soldier – Interpreter)

JUIN, Jeanne                17 Apr 1673            Bernard DUMOUCHEL
Champlain, PQ          dit LAROCHE

JULIEN, Anne                12 Nov 1668            Nicolas CHOQUET dit
Montreal, PQ           CHAMPAGNE

L’ADMIRAUT, Marguerite      26 Nov 1668            Honore MARTEL
(300 pound dowry)           Quebec, PQ             (Carignan Soldier)

LAFONTAINE, Marie anne      28 Aug 1670            Martin D’ALERET
Ste Famille, I.O.

LAISNE, Genevieve           21 Nov 1667            Pierre VANCHY (DE
Montreal, PQ           VANCHY)

LAMARRE, Anne               25 Aug 1666            Pierre DUQUET, Sieur
Quebec, PQ             DE LA CHENAYE
LAMBERT, Jeanne             4 Oct 1669             Etienne BELLIRE
Ste Famille, I.O.      (BELLINIER)

LANGE, Francoise            17 Oct 1673            Etienne MOREAU
Quebec, PQ

LANGLOIS, Anne              10 Nov 1670            Rene CAUCHON
(350 pound dowry)           Ste Famille, I.O.      (Surgeon)

LANGLOIS, Jacqueline        7 Nov 1668             Jean MAY
Montreal, PQ           Gilles GALIPEAU
30 Sep 1678
Montreal, PQ

LATIERE, Francoise          15 Sep 1669            Jean LEVERT
Ste Famille, I.O.

LAURIOT, Perette            21 Oct 1671            Pierre BUTAUD
(350 Pound dowry)           Beaupre, PQ

LAVERDURE, Marguerite       12 Oct 1665 (cont)     Maurice CREPEAU
Ile d’Orleans

LECLERC, Denyse             3 Oct 1669             Claude DELOMAY
Ste Famille, I.O.
19 Feb 1703            Martin DALLERAY
St. Laurent, I.O.

LE COQ, Jeanne              8 Sep 1670             Guillaume DUBEAU
Quebec, PQ
18 Jan 1672            Martin MOREAU
Quebec, PQ
27 Jun 1689            Jean FORTUNEAU dit
Quebec, PQ             LAVERDURE (Carignan

LE COUTURIER, Isabelle      16 Sep 1670            Francois CHANTELOU
Quebec, PQ

LE GRAND, Nicole            22 Oct 1669            Francois NOEL
(450 pound dowry)           Quebec, PQ

LE QUAY, Madeleine          3 Jun 1669             Jacques L’ARCHEVEQUE

LE LONG, Marie Anne         16 Sep 1670            Joseph BONNEAU dit
Ste Famille, I.O.      LA BECASSE

LEMOINE, Francoise          15 Jun 1666 (cont)     Pierre NIQUET

LE PREUVIER, Marguerite     23 Oct 1663            Jacques MENEUX dit
(300 pound dowry)           Chateau-Richer         CHATEAUNEUF

9 Oct 1669             Guillaume LIZOT
Quebec, PQ

LE ROY, Anne                28 Oct 1671            Jean RODRIGUE
(350 pound dowry)           Quebec, PQ

LE ROY, Catherine       bet 13 Nov 1673            Pierre SALVAYE (DE
17 Jan 1674            SALVAYE) (Carignan
abt 1689               Jean DE MIRAY
Sorel, PQ              (Carignan officer)

LE ROY, Marguerite          widow of               Brice D’ANNEVILLE
(mother of Gabrielle        France
D’ANNEVILLE, also a         27 Jul 1665            Hilaire CHARDONNEAU
kings daughter)             Quebec, PQ

LE ROY, Marie               8 Mar 1666             Pierre PERUSSEAU
Montreal, PQ

LE ROY, Marie Anne          21 Oct 1670            Mathieu BINET
Boucherville, PQ

LESDILLER, Michelle         29 Dec 1668 (cont)     Nicolas MILET
29 Sep 1685            Pierre GILBERT dit
Trois-Rivieres, PQ     LACHASSE

LE SEIGNEUR, Marie          8 Sep 1670             Pierre SASSEVILLE
Chateau-Richer, PQ

LESPERANCE, Marie           widow of               Jean POMEROLLE
4 Nov 1665             Benoit PONSART
Quebec, PQ

LEVIEUX dit COLOMBE,        2 Sep 1670             Pierre NEVEU
Claire                      Ste Famille, I.O.

LOISEAU, Anne               21 Jul 1664            Guillaume GENDRON
Montreal, PQ           dit LA ROLANDIERE
2 Aug 1688             Charles LEMOINE
Montreal, PQ

LORE, Etiennette            15 May 1672            Jean BAU dit
Boucherville, PQ       LALOUETTE

LUCO, Catherine             14 Nov 1671 (cont)     Marin (Jean) MOREAU
Sorel, PQ              dit LAPORTE
(Carignan soldier)

MAGDELAIN, Jeanne           4 Nov 1669             Antoine TAPIN
Quebec, PQ

MAGNAN, Anne                22 Oct 1665            Jean GAUVIN
Quebec, PQ

MARIE, Denise               12 Feb 1674            Jean QUENNEVILLE
Montreal, PQ
15 May 1704            Jean GUILBERT
Lachine, PQ

MASSERON, Marie             abt 1672               Francois MARCET
Sorel, PQ

MAUREAU, Marguerite-        30 Sep 1670            Mathieu FAYE
Montreal, PQ           (Carignan soldier)
21 Nov 1696            Jean LEFORT
Laprairie, PQ

METRU, Marie Anne           26 Nov 1671            Jacques SAMSON
(500 pound dowry)           Quebec, PQ
24 Nov 1710            Claude PHILIPPAUX
Quebec, PQ

MOITIE, Marie               19 Mar 1672            Jean MAGNAN dit
Montreal, PQ           L’ISPERANCE
(Carignan soldier)
9 Oct 1700             Pierre CHESNE dit
Montreal, PQ           ST-ONGE

MORIN, Marie                widow of               Paul OUDAN
15 Nov 1665            Etienne DAUPHIN
Quebec, PQ
10 Aug 1694            Pierre CHAIGNON
Beauport, PQ

MOUILLARD, Eleonore         9 Nov 1671             Bernard CHAPELAIN
(500 pound dowry)           Quebec, PQ

NAU, Michelle-Therese       22 Oct 1663            Joseph GIFFARD,
Quebec, PQ             Sieur de Fargy

OINVILLE, Michelle          21 Oct 1668 (cont)     Nicolas BARABE
(400 pound dowry)           Trois-Rivieres, PQ
12 Apr 1677 (cont)     Michel LEMAY
Batiscan, PQ
5 Nov 1685             Louis MONTENU
Lotbiniere, PQ

OLIVIER, Agnes              9 Oct 1669             Louis SIVADIER
Ste Famille, I.O.

PAUL, Catherine             21 Oct 1668            Jean DE CHAMBRE
Quebec, PQ

PELLETIER, Marie            7 Oct 1669             Mathurin RENAUD
Quebec, PQ
19 Oct 1677            Pierre CANARD
Quebec, PQ
24 Sep 1703            Jean JOUBERT
Charlesbourg, PQ

PERROT, Anne                12 Oct 1669            Pierre BLAIS
(300 pound dowry)           Ste Famille, I.O.

PETIT, Louise               14 Sep 1670            Charles DE LAURICE
(350 pound dowry)           Quebec, PQ

PETIT, Marie                10 Oct 1669            Nicolas DELAGE
(500 pound dowry)           Ste Famille, I.O.
22 Jul 1686            Mathurin THIBODEAU
St-Laurent, PQ

PETIT, Rose                 16 Oct 1668            Hilaire FRAPIER
Quebec, PQ
10 Apr 1714            Francois CHANLUC dit
Quebec, PQ             LAGRANGE

PHILIPPE, Marie-Madeleine   17 Oct 1668            Pierre TOUSIGNAN dit
Quebec, PQ             LAPOINTE

PILOIS, Francoise           2 Dec 1669             Andre BARSA
Montreal, PQ

PINEAU dit LA VIEVILLE,     15 Oct 1671            Gilles GAUDREAU
Anne                        Ste Famille, I.O.
(350 pound dowry)

PITAU, Marie                26 Nov 1668            Jean BERGEVIN
Quebec, PQ             (Carignan soldier)

PLANTEAU, Isabelle          12 Oct 1671            Lucien TALON
Quebec, PQ

POISSON, Catherine          18 Sep 1673            Michel GAUTRON dit
Quebec, PQ             LA ROCHELLE

POITEVIN, Catherine         10 Oct 1669            Adrien ISABEL
(550 pound dowry)           Ste Famille, I.O
5 Nov 1676             Jean BOURASSEAU
Quebec, PQ

POITRON, Anne               25 Aug 1670(cont)      Pierre TIBERGE
Quebec, PQ
12 Nov 1674            Jean VERGER dit
Pte-aux-Trembles       DESJARDINS

POUSSIN, Marie Anne         7 Sep 1665             Jean L’ARCHEVEQQUE
(500 pound dowry)           Quebec, PQ
QUENTIN, Jeanne             9 Sep 1673             Jean Pierre CHANAS
Quebec, PQ

RABLEAU, Florimonde         13 Oct 1665            Pierre CHAMARE
Quebec, PQ

RACLOT, Francoise           2 Dec 1671(cont)       Michel DAVID
(over 1000 pd. dowry)       Champlain, PQ

RACLOT, Marie Madeleine     11 Nov 1671(cont)      Nicolas PERROT
(same dowry as sister       Champlain, PQ          (Explorer)

RACLOT, Marie               12 Oct 1671(cont)      Rene BEAUDOIN
(1100 pd. dowry in silver   Champlain, PQ
money.  Sister of above)

RAVEAU, Barbe               Widow of               Claude PETIT
9 Oct 1673             Jean MALEBRAULT
Quebec, PQ
21 Aug 1686(cont)      Francois BILLARD

RENOUARD, Marie             22 Dec 1665            Nicolas DURAND
Quebec, PQ
22 Jul 1702            Francois DUCARREAU
Quebec, PQ

RIGAULT, Genevieve          11 Oct 1667            Pierre TETU
Quebec, PQ

ROBINEAU, Marguerite        17 Oct 1668            Michel GAURON
Quebec, PQ

ROBINEAU, Marie             16 Oct 1668            Jean Pierre FORGUES
Quebec, PQ             dit MONROUGEAU
(Carignan soldier)

ROTTEAU, Barbe              11 Sep 1673            Pierre MOISAN
Quebec, PQ
24 Oct 1695            Jacques RENAUD
Quebec, PQ

ROUSSEAU, Henriette         6 Oct 1668             Etienne PASQUIER
(300 pound dowry)           Quebec, PQ

SALE, Elizebeth             9 Sep 1670(cont)       Jacques MARCOT
Troi-Rivieres, PQ

SALLE, Marie Therese        15 Dec 1670            Claude RAIMBAUT
(Father was King’s master   Montreal, PQ           (Both returned to
painter)                                           Paris)

SAULNIER, Nicole            28 Oct 1669            Jean BROCHU
(300 pound dowry)           Ste Famille, I.O.

SAVONNE, Jeanne             abt 1670               Jean SOUCY dit
Ile de Orleans         LAVIGNE (Carignan
22 Aug 1679            Damien BERUBE
L’Islet, PQ
7 Nov 1692             Francois MIVILLE
Riviere-Ouelle, PQ

SELLE, Marie Madeleine      21 Sep 1673            Louis AURIO
Quebec, PQ
24 Aug 1681            Pierre CHAUSEE dit
L’Islet, PQ            LEMEINE

SELLERIN, Marguerite        12 Oct 1671            Louis DENIS dit
(350 pound dowry)           Quebec, PQ             LAFONTAINE
(Carignan soldier)

SURET, Catherine            7 Oct 1669             Nicolas FACHE
Quebec, PQ

TENARD, Marguerite          23 Nov 1666            Charles BOYER
Montreal, PQ

TESSON, Marguerite          13 Nov 1669            Jean Paul MEHEU
Quebec, PQ

THOMAS, Anne                22 Mar 1666            Claude JODOIN
Montreal, PQ
abt 1691               Pierre GODAMBERT
Varennes or Montreal   dit DESJARDINS

TIERCE, Francoise           13 Oct 1671            Auffray COULON dit
Quebec, PQ             MABRIAN (Carignan
2 May 1677             Pierre GUIGNARD dit
Sorel, PQ              D’OLONNE
8 Feb 1703             Pierre VIGNE dit
Repentigny, PQ         TOULOUSE

TIREMONT, Noelle            23 Sep 1670            Bernard BERTIN dit
(350 pound dowry)           Quebec, PQ             LANGUEDOC (Carignan
10 Apr 1673            Pierron CHAPERON
Boucherville, PQ

TOUZE, Jeanne               8 Oct 1663             Jean GAZAILLE dit
Quebec, PQ             ST-GERMAIN (Carignan

TURBAR, Ursule Madeleine    No date                Jean GELY dit
(300 pound dowry)                                  LAVEDURE (Carignan
abt 1689               Francois HUBERT
Ancienne-Lorette, PQ

VALET, Louise               16 Sep 1670            Rene BISSON dit
Quebec, PQ             LEPINE

VAUBLIN, Marie              29 Oct 1665            Pierre COCHEREAU
Quebec, PQ

VAUCHER, Louise             28 Nov 1668            Jean DELGUEL dit
(300 pound dowry)           Quebec, PQ             LABRECHE

VIE, Marie Xainte           27 Aug 1664            Jean POITRAS

VIGNY, Marie                25 Sep 1673            Jean AMAURY
Quebec, PQ

VILAIN, Jeanne              28 Oct 1670            Mathurin BERNIER
Montreal, PQ           dit LA MARZELLE
5 Sep 1678             Jacques CHEVALIER

VITARD, Louise              10 Dec 1671(cont)      Guillaume DENEVERS
Sillery, PQ            (Notary)

ZACHEE, Francoise           27 Apr 1671            Claude de XAINTES
Quebec, PQ
1 Dec 1685             Antoine GOURDEAU
Quebec, PQ
16 May 1701            Rene Louis CHARTIER
Quebec, PQ


The following is a list of “King’s Daughters” from Normandy.

ALEANDRE, Genevieve         abt 1667               Jean FORESTIER
Charlsebourg, PQ
or France (?)

ANDRIEU, Marguerite         19 Sep 1673            Pierre AUGRAN dit
Quebec, PQ             LAPIERRE

ARINART, Anne               20 Oct 1671            Jean REAL
(350 pound dowry)           Ste Famille, I.O.
Also recorded  26 Oct 1671, Quebec, PQ
9 Feb 1678             Antoine LEFORT
Ste Famille, PQ

AUBRY, Jacqueline           9 Sep 1670             Antoine GROS dit
Montreal, PQ           LAVIOLETTE (Carignan
22 Mar 1689            Guillaume DE NOYON
Lachine, PQ            (DESNOYERS)

AUPRY, Isabelle             25 Aug 1670(cont)      Pierre LAVOIE
St. Augustin, PQ

AUVRAY, Madeleine           12 Oct 1671            Nicolas MATTE
(350 Pound dowry)           Quebec, PQ

BALLIE, Catherine           24 Nov 1667            Pierre BOUVIER
Quebec, PQ

BANSE, Francoise            4 Oct 1667             Jacques PROU
Quebec, PQ

BARBANT, Marie              14 Nov 1669            Jean LALONDE (DE LA
Montreal, PQ           LALONDE) dit
26 Jan 1688            Pierre TABAUT
Lachine, PQ            (Carignan soldier)

BARON, Barbe                3 Nov 1667             Simon CHEVREUX
Quebec, PQ
2 May 1672             Jean MERIENNE dit
Quebec, PQ             LASOLAYE (Carignan
23 Apr 1691            Guillaume DUBOCQ
Quebec, PQ

BASSET, Catherine           17 Oct 1667            Pierre BOURGOIN
(converted to Catholicism   Quebec, PQ
the day before her marriage)

BEAUREGARD, Marthe          26 Nov 1671            Gabriel LEMIEUX
(400 pound dowry)           Quebec, PQ

BELLEHACHE, Anne            9 Sep 1673(cont)       Gilles BOURE dit
Charlesbourg, PQ       L’ESPINE

BERTIN, Marie               3 Oct 1669             Charles SEGUIN
Ste Famille, I.O.
28 Apr 1678            Pierre LOUINEAUX
Ste Famille, I.O.

BEUZELIN, Catherine         19 Oct 1671            Jean LONLABARD
(350 pound dowry)           Quebec, PQ

BLANCHARD, Marie            10 Nov 1667           Michel Mathieu BRUNET
Quebec, PQ
abt 1713               Yves LUCAS
Lachine, PQ

BOETE, Marie                24 Oct 1667            Martin GUERAND
Quebec, PQ             (GUERARD)
7 Dec 1676             Nicolas GROINIER
Quebec, PQ

BOIVIN, Francoise           abt 1668               Louis LAMOUREUX
Longueuil, PQ

BONNEFOY, Marguerite        4 Dec 1667             Jacques ACHON
St-Anne de Beaupre, PQ
28 Apr 1671            Claude CARPENTIER
Quebec, PQ

BOUCHARD, Jeanne            26 Oct 1665(cont)      Martin FOISY

BOURGEOIS, Catherine        19 Oct 1667            Rene BINET
(300 pound dowry)           Quebec, PQ

BOURGOIS, Marie             10 Jun 1668            Jacques ANET (ANEST)
(300 pound dowry)           Quebec, PQ
(They originally agreed to marry in 1667, but she had to sue him twice
before the wedding took place.  A son was born in 1669, and she then
sued ANET and his father.  She sued for separate maintenance in 1671.
He married again sometime between 8 Aug 1687 and 1 Apr 1692, although
his wife was still living.)

BREMAILLE, Marie            22 jan 1667            Jacques DOUBLET
(300 pound dowry)           Quebec, PQ

CAILLET, Marie              Widow of               Pierre LAFAVEUR
26 Aug 1668(cont)      Pierre PASQUET
Ile de Orleans

CAMPION, Marie              3 Sep 1670             Mathurin DUBE
Ste Famille, I.O.

CHEVALIER, Francoise        19 Apr 1668            Jacques HABERT
Quebec, PQ

(LE) CHEVALIER, Jeanne      19 Oct 1671            Guillaume LECANTEUR
(300 pound dowry)           Quebec, PQ             (Sieur de la Tour)
22 Apr 1679            Robert LEVESQUE
L’Ange-Gardien, PQ
5 Apr 1701             Jean Baptiste
Riviere-Ouelle, PQ     DESCHAMPS

CHEVALIER, Suzanne          14 Apr 1670            Robert FOUBERT
St-Anne de Beaupre
13 Feb 1684            Jean MARANDA dit LA
St-Anne de Beaupre     FLOTTE

COIGNART, Marie             28 Oct 1669            Robert GERMAIN
Quebec, PQ

COUET, Marie                11 Nov 1669            Jean LECLERC
(300 pound dowry – silver)  Ste Famille, I.O.

CRETEL, Elizabeth           26 Oct 1671            Nicolas LANGLOIS
(350 Pound dowry)           Quebec, PQ

CROSNIER, Martine           18 Nov 1669            Philippe
Chateau-Richer, PQ     DESTROISMAISONS

DAIRE (GAILLARD), Marie     6 Oct 1669             Jean POIRIER
Quebec, PQ

DEMOYS, Marie               15 Oct 1669            Leonard FAUCHER dit
(400 pound dowry)           Quebec, PQ             ST-MAURICE

DE BEAURENOM, Antionette    22 Oct 1672            Pierre ROBERGE dit
(550 pound dowry)           Ste Famille, I.O.      LACROIX

DE BOISANDRE, Catherine     20 Oct 1663            Marc Antoine GOBELIN
9300 pound dowry)           Quebec, PQ             dit CINQ-MARS

DE BOISANDRE, Jeanne Claude 31 Oct 1667            Louis LACHAISE
(sister of Catherine)       Quebec, PQ             (Carignan soldier)
15 Jan 1668(cont)      Jean LETOURNEAU
Ile de Orleans

DE BRETIGNY, Marie          24 Oct 1667            Denis LECLERC dit
Quebec, PQ             L’ESCUIER

DEBURE, Marie               6 Oct 1665             Gilles ENARD
Quebec, PQ
27 Dec 1666            Jean BERNARD dit
Quebec, PQ             ANSE

DE CHARMENIL (DE MESNIL)    17 Oct 1667(cont)      Jean GELINAS
Francoise                   Cap-de-la-Madeleine

DE GUESNEL, Jeanne Marie    3 Nov 1671             Jean CASTINEAU
(450 pound dowry)           Quebec, PQ

DE LA HAYE, Michelle        9 Sep 1670             Etienne POTIER dit
(350 pound dowry)           Quebec, PQ             LAVEDURE Carignan
5 May 1690             Etienne LAIR dit LE
Pte-aux-trembles       ROY

DE LA MARE, Marie           27 Nov 1668            Guillaume RENAULT
Quebec, PQ             (Carignan soldier)

DE NOYON, Marie             8 Sep 1670             Charles DAVENNE
Chateau-Richer, PQ

DESCHAMPS, Marie            12 Oct 1667            Pierre POUILLARD
Quebec, PQ

DE VALLOIS, Catherine       widow of               Hubert GLAS
26 Jan 1672            Benoit LAINE
Quebec, PQ

DURAND, Francoise           24 Mar 1671(cont)      Jacques BAUDOIN
Ile de Orleans

DURAND, Suzanne             30 Oct 1667            Gabriel GIBAUT dit
Quebec, PQ             POITEVIN

ELOY (LOY), Marguerite      12 Feb 1668            Jean COSSET
Chateau-Richer, PQ

FOUCQUES, Marie Francoise   16 Nov 1671            Jacques BEATRIX
(650 pound dowry)           Quebec, PQ

FRESSEL, Isabelle           30 Oct 1671            Francois EMEREAU
(350 pound dowry)           Quebec, PQ             dit BELAIR

GIRARD, Anne                22 Oct 1665            Nicolas DAUDELIN
Chateau-Richer, PQ

GODEBY, Anne                7 Oct 1669             Julien TALUA
Quebec, PQ
(Julien TALUA killed Antoine ROY dit DESJARDINS at Lachine, in 1684,
when he found ROY in bed with his wife.  Antoine was taken to Quebec
and tried, but was allowed to return to Montreal.  Mme. TALUA was tried
for adultry and banished from the island of Montreal for life.)

GRANDIN, Marie              abt 1670               Michel MOREL
abt 1672               Claude ROBILLARD
Champlain, PQ

GUEDON, Marie Anne          26 Oct 1665            Gabriel BENOIST
Champlain, PQ
7 Feb 1695             Marin MARAIS
Troi-Rivieres, PQ

GUILLEBOEUF, Marie          24 June 1669           Jean PLOUF
Madeleine                   Montreal, PQ
abt 1707               Louis FOISY
Contrecoeur, PQ

HUMELOT, Catherine          1 Sep 1670             Jacques HARDY
Ste Famille, I.O.

ITASSE, Marguerite          11 Nov 1667(cont)      Jacques AUBUCHON

JOLIVET, Charlotte          12 Oct 1671            Leonard GIRARDIN
(350 pound dowry)           Quebec, PQ
18 Oct 1688            Simon TRILLAUX

JOURDAIN, Marguerite        25 Nov 1667            Bernard DELPESCHES
Montreal, PQ           (Carignan Soldier)
8 Jan 1689             Louis MAGEAU
Repentigny, PQ         (Carignan Soldier)

LAMAIN, Marguerite          14 Sep 1670            Michel ROGNON dit
(350 pound dowry)           Quebec, PQ             LAROCHE (Carignan
8 Jan 1685             Pierre MERCIER
Neuville, PQ

LANGLOIS, Marie             18 Mar 1668            Jean POIRIER
Montreal, PQ           (Carignan Soldier)

L’ARCHEVEQUE, Francoise     14 Jan 1668            Jean DEBUC
Quebec, PQ

LASNON, Marie               24 Nov 1667            Pierre FERRE
(300 pound dowry)           Quebec, PQ
8 May 1701             Pierre LEDOUX dit
Quebec, PQ             LATREILLE

LE BRUN, Marie              24 Feb 1668            Pierre BARBARIN dit
Montreal, PQ           GRANDMAISON
(Carignan Soldier)
Marie died 5 Aug 1689 at Lachine, captured and killed by the Iroquois.
Three months earlier, two of her children had burned to death.  Her
daughter Marie Madeleine married 17 Jan 1688 but her husband, Jean
TILLARD, died 8 days later.  She remarried 21 Jun 1688 to Andre DANIS.
On the day of the massacre, Marie LE BRUN, her husband, their 7 yr. old
daughter, their 3 mo. old daughter, Marie Madeleine BARBARIN and her
husband Andre DANIS, were all killed.

LECLERC, Anne               abt 1688               Vincent CHRETIEN
Ile de Orleans

LECLERC,  Genevieve         26 Nov 1671            Laurent POIRE
(350 pound dowry)           Quebec, PQ

LEFEBVRE, Antoinette        9 Nov 1671             Hilaire LIMOUSIN
(450 pound dowry)           Quebec, PQ             (Carignan Soldier)

LEFEBVRE DE LA CROIX, Barbe 14 Jan 1669            Mathurin GOYER dit
Montreal, PQ           LAVIOLETTE
LEFEBVRE, Marie             15 Oct 1669            Jean DE L’ASTRE
Quebec, PQ

LE FRANCOIS, Francoise      19 Oct 1671            Francois LAVERGNE
(350 pound dowry)           Quebec, PQ

LE GRAND, Antoinette        3 Oct 1669             Nicolas PREUNIER
Quebec, PQ             (Carignan Soldier)
20 Jun 1693            Thomas NEPVEU dit
Contrecoeur, PQ        LACROIX
While her husband was living she had an illegitimate son, Pierre, bap.
22 Feb 1693 at Montreal, father unknown.

LE GUAY, Madeleine          6 Nov 1668             Jean GARNIER
Quebec, PQ

LEMAITRE, Anne              widow of               Louis ROY
(She came to Canada with    France
son Nicolas ROY (LE ROY)    7 Nov 1663             Adrien BLANQUET
Quebec, PQ

LE MESLE, Catherine         13 Jun 1672            Pierre MORIN
Quebec, PQ

LE ROUX, Marie              abt 23 Oct 1673        Jacques ENAUD dit
Sorel, PQ              CANADA (Carignan
Abt 1691               Pierre BORNEUF
Sorel, PQ

LEVASSEUR, Jeanne           24 Oct 1667            Barthelemy TESSON
(300 pound dowry)           Quebec, PQ
She was the fifth of his 6 wives.  The previous 4 were in France.  They
returned to France where she died, 29 May 1673, LaRochelle, and then he
married a sixth time.

LOUVET, Catherine           15 Feb 1672            Guillaume BRASSARD
Quebec, PQ

MAJOR, Marie                11 Sep 1668            Antoine ROY dit
(300 pound dowry)           Quebec, PQ             DESJARDINS (Carignan

MALO, Marie                 24 Sep 1670            Jacques BOIN (BRIN)
(450 pound dowry)           Chateau-Richer         LA PENSEE (Carignan

MASSON, Anne                8 Sep 1670             Robert GALLIEN
Quebec, PQ

MICHEL, Marie               3 Nov 1667             Charles Morin
Quebec, PQ

NIEL, Madeleine             24 Oct 1667            Etienne CHARLES dit
Troi-Rivieres, PQ      LAJEUNESSE (Carignan

OLIVIER, Madeleine          5 Oct 1667             Thomas ROUSSEAU
Quebec, PQ

PROVOST, Elisabeth          14 Nov 1671            Jean Francois
(350 pound dowry)           Quebec, PQ             FOUCAULT
(Was the sister of Marguerite PROVOST who married Martin POISSON.)

QUELVE, Jeanne              26 Apr 1672            Jean Baptiste
Quebec, PQ             BRASSARD

QUEQUEJEU, Marie            30 Oct 1667            Pierre RIVAUT
Quebec, PQ
Afew years after she was widowed, Marie was condemned to death and
executed 14 May 1684.  The deatils are lost, but her son-in-law, Pierre
DORET, a Coureur de bois, was executed at the same time.

QUITEL, Marthe              22 Sep 1665            Barthelemy VERREAU
Chateau-Richer, PQ     dit LE BOURGUIGNON

RELOT, Catherine            24 Apr 1668            Charles BADIER dit
(300 pound dowry)           Quebec, PQ             LA FOREST

RICHER, Marguerite          19 Sep 1672            Jean VERDON
Quebec, PQ

RIOULT, Madeleine           10 Sep 1673            Louis LAVALLEE
Quebec, PQ             (VALLEE)

RIVET, Anne                 widow of               Gregoire HISSE
(300 pound dowry)           France
8 Mar 1666             Rene OUELLET
Quebec, PQ             (HOELLET)
ROBIN, Louise               26 Oct 1671            Robert GAUMONT
(350 pound dowry)           Quebec, PQ

ROUSSEL, Charlotte          12 Nov 1668            Pierre GAUTIER dit
Montreal, PQ           SAGUINGOIRA
She was taken captive by the Iroquois 4 Aug 1689 at Lachine, and died
in captivity sometime before 22 Jan 1698 when her body was turned over
to her husband.

ROUSSEL, Marguerite         29 Sep 1673            Mathurin DUCHIRON
Quebec, PQ             dit DES LAURIERS
(Carignan Soldier)
10 Nov 1682            Etienne BUREL
Cap-St-Ignace, PQ

ROY, Jeanne                 26 Jan 1670(cont)       Etienne BONNET
Chambly, PQ
1670                   Jean PELADEAU dit
Chambly, PQ            ST-JEAN (Carignan

SEIGNEUR, Anne              3 Jul 1668(cont)       Jean BESSET
Fort Chambly, PQ       (Carignan Soldier)

SELLE, Marie                17 Oct 1667            Nicolas GUILMET
Quebec, PQ
18 Jul 1701            Jean FLIBOT
St-Jean, I.O.
19 Aug 1711            Vincent BERIAU
Quebec, PQ

SENECAL, Catherine          12 Oct 1670(cont)      Jean LAFOND
Her widowed father  also came to Canada and married Jeanne LACOMTE,
also a King’s Daughter.

SENECAL, Louise             6 Oct 1667             Pierre GUILBAUT
Quebec, PQ

SIMEON, Francoise           abt 1674               Claude COGNAC dit
Sorel, PQ              LAJEUNESSE (Carignan
24 Jun 1678(cont)      Giles DUFAULT
Sorel, PQ

TESTU, Madeleine            4 Nov 1669             Jean JOUBERT
Quebec, PQ

TOPSAN, Catherine           2 Nov 1667             Julien DUMONT dit
Quebec, PQ             LAFLUER

VALLEE, Madeleine           3 Oct 1669             Jean HERPIN dit
Quebec, PQ             TOURANGEAU
7 Sep 1694(cont)       Michel SELLIER
St. Sulpice, PQ

VARIN, Catherine            5 Jul 1666             Pierre TESSIER
Montreal, PQ

VARIN, Marie                22 Nov 1667            Rene BRANCHE
Quebec, PQ
9 Sep 1681             Pierre COUROIS dit
Quebec, PQ             LACROIX
27 Nov 1684            Anicet BOYER dit
Quebec, PQ             JOLICOEUR

VIEILLOT, Catherine         18 Oct 1667            Jacques DU BOIS
Quebec, PQ
19 May 1675            Pierre GUENET
Ste Famille, I.O.

VIEL, Marie Therese         26 Oct 1671            Etienne BOYER dit
(350 pound dowry)           Quebec, PQ             LAFONTAINE (Carignan
Mme. BOYER returned to France, possibly to clain her inheritance, and
returned pregnant in 1676.  The daughter was baptized 14 jan 1677 at
Que.  She accused Madard CHOUART, Sieur DES GROSEILLIERS, the companion
of Pierre-Esprit RADISSON, of being the father.  He admitted having
relations with her but denied that he was the father.  He also claimed
that she had been seen with several men in LaRochelle, France.  He was
ordered to pay 200 pounds damages and she was returned to her husband.
She died sometime after 28 Jul 1710.

VITRI, Marguerite           13 Oct 1669            Jacques DERY dit
Quebec, PQ             LAROSE


The following is a list of “King’s Daughters” of unknown origin.

ARBAUD, Marie               bef 13 Oct 1667        Jean DARBOIS dit
France or CAnada       LAFLEUR (Carignan

ASSERIN, Fleurance          Was present at the marriage contract of
anothe King’s Daughter, Marie GIRARD, 17 Jul 1667 befor the notary
Ragot.  Some historians have supposed that she was Francoise ENCELIN
who married Guillaume VALADE, but her name was clearly written on the
document.  She may have returned to France.
BENOIT, Marie               abt 1668               Pierre FAVREAU
Contrecoeur, PQ        (Cariganan Soldier)

BERARD, Marie               abt 1670               Pierre PIVAIN dit LA
Charlesbourg, PQ       RECOMPENCE

BERNARD, Jeanne             29 Apr 1669            Jaqcues TUILLIER
Montreal, PQ

BOVANT, Marie               abt 1670               Jean LAFOND
around Richellieu, PQ
Tanguay states that they had a child bapt. 6 May 1671 at Sorel.  There
is no entry in Jette for this couple.  Jette does show a marriage
contract, 12 Oct 1670 at Cap-de-la-Madeleine for Jean LAFOND and
Catherine SENECAL.  The demographic study shows the bapt. of the child
with the caption, “Found in Tanguay.”

CAILLE, Jeanne              abt 1671               Jacques RENOUARD
Trois-Rivieres, PQ     (also RENOUER,

CEDERET, Jeanne             21 Jul 1669(cont)      Pierre PICARD
Boucherville, PQ

CHARRON, Marie              abt 1667               Mathurin PETIOT
Charlesbourg or France

CHEMEREAU, Marguerite       abt 1669               Jean PIETTE
Sorel, PQ              (Carignan Soldier)

CREPIN, Marie               abt 1667               Jean FOURNIER
France or Canada

DAINE, Marie                abt 1669               Francois MARQUET

DE LA MOTTE, Jeanne         abt 1672               Jean COQUINEAU
Linctot area
They were listed on the 1681 census of Becancour with no children.  She
was 37 yrs. old.  They do not appear in Jette.

DELESTRE, Anne              abt 1674               Francois CESAR dit

DESCHAMPS, Marie            abt 1672               Marin MARAIS
Louisville, PQ         (Carignan Soldier)

DESHAIES, Marguerite        abt 1670               Pierre MENARD
Sorel, PQ

DESHAIES, Marie             abt 1668               Adrien BETOURN dit
(Sister of above)           Sorel, PQ              LAVIOLETTE

D’OLLERY, Anne              abt 1670               Thomas FREROT, Sieur
Boucherville, PQ       de la Chenaye.

DORIANT, Simone             bef 1667 census        Jean HEBERT
of Cap-de-la-Madeleine

DORIBEAU, Catherine         abt 1670               Jacques GENEST dit
Ile-de-Orleans         LABARRE (Carignan

DUCORPS, Jeanne             abt 1670               Martin MASSE
Sorel, PQ

DUFRESNE, Jeanne            bef 1666 census        Marin DALLERAY
Ile de Orleans

DUSSON. Marguerite          abt 1671               Jean LA VALLEE
Sorel, PQ              (Carignan Soldier)
abt 1694               Charles VANET
(Carignan Soldier)

FOURIER, Jeanne             aft 1666 census        Jean BAILLAUX
2 Aug 1671(cont)       Francois VANASSE

LABBE, Jacqueline           abt 1669               Mathurin COLIN dit
St-Ours, PQ            LALIBERTE

LAMY, Marie                 abt 1671               Francois CHEVREFILS
St-Ours, PQ            dit LALIME
late 1678/79           Jean DUVAL (Carignan
St-Ours, PQ            Soldier)

LANGELIER, Marie            17 Mar 1670(cont)      Vivien ROCHEREAU
Notary Roy-Chatellerault

LAURENCE, Genevieve         abt 1664               Adrien MICHELON
Que. or France
9 Sep 1681             Jean JOURNET dit
Quebec, PQ             GUESPIN

LECOMPTE, Jeanne            abt 1669               Adrien SENECAL
Fr. or Troi-Rivieres
8 Jan 1689             Julien GUILLOU
Boucherville, PQ

LECOMPTE, Suzanne           bef Nov 1665           Francois ARSENEAU
(Died in childbirth 24      Fr. or Cap-de-la-Madeleine
Dec 1666)

LECOUTRE, Louise            abt 1665               Nicolas CREVIER
Cap-de-la-Madeleine    Sieur de Bellerive

LE PER, Anne                abt 1673               Francois PINSONNEAU
St-Ours, PQ            dit LAFLEUR
(Carignan Soldier)

LE TELLIER (LEFELLE),       11 Oct 1671(cont)      Mathurin GERBERT
Jeanne                      Ile de Orleans         dit DE LA FONTAINE

LIMOGES, Marie              3 Nov 1667             Noel LAURENCE
Troi-Rivieres, PQ      (Carignan Soldier)

MABILE, Anne                abt 1666               Claude SALOIS
Ile de Orleans         (Carignan Soldier)

MANCHON, Marguerite         22 Jan 1663(cont)      Sebastien PROVENCHER
Notary Laurent du Portail

MAGNIE, Marie               abt 1665               Michel CHARTIER
Ile de Orleans
7 Jan 1673             Louis JINCHEREAU
Ste Famille, I.O.

MICHEL, Anne                abt 1668               Jacques PAVIOT
Contrecoeur, PQ        (Carignan Soldier)
aft Feb 1674           Jean MASSEAU dit St.
Contrecoeur, PQ        MARTIN

MORIN, Charlotte            abt 1668               Pierre LETENDRE dit
Sorel, PQ              LALIBERTE

PEQUET, Marie Charlotte     abt 1671               Rene RICHARD
Vercheres, PQ

PESCHER, Marie              abt 1671               Jean HAREL
(100 yrs old at death on    Gentilly, PQ
19 Nov 1728)

PHILIPPAU, Nicole           abt 1671               Mathurin GAUTHIER
Ile Ste-Therese        dit LANDREVILLE

PLEMAREST, Genevieve        11 Jan 1666            Antoine RENAUD dit
Montreal, PQ           LE TAMBOUR

PREVOST, Marguerite         abt 1671              Jacques VOYNE (VENNE)
Montreal, PQ
20 Nov 1701            Etienne FORESTIER
Varennes, PQ

PRIAULT, Marie              abt 1669               Pierre GEOFFRION
Vercheres, PQ

RABADY, Anne                abt 1672               Antoine LESCUIER
Batiscan, PQ

RAISIN, Marguerite          abt 1670               Bernard DE NIGER dit
Chambly, PQ            SANSSOUCY (Carignan

REMY, Marie                 11 Jan 1666            Pierre DESAUTELS dit
Montreal, PQ           LAPOINTE

ROUSSEAU, Suzanne           bef 1667 census        Pierre JOUINEAU

SAMSON, Marguerite          abt 1671               Jean BOUGRAND dit
Sorel, PQ              CHAMPAGNE

THIBAULT, Jeanne            bef 20 Dec 1674        Pierre LUYNANT
Sorel, PQ

TOUSSAINT, Jeanne           abt 1672               Noel CARPENTIER
or Champlain, PQ

VARA, Marie                 abt 1671               Louis BARITAULT dit
Chambly                LAMARCHE


The following is a list of “King’s Daughters” from many areas of France

ADAM, Anne                  7 Nov 1671             Jean POLICAIN
Quebec, PQ

ALLENCE, Marie              13 Nov 1669(cont)      Louis TARDIF
Troi-Rivieres, PQ

ALBERT, Marie               29 Oct 1663            Jean CHAUVEAUX dit
Quebec, PQ             LAFLEUR

AMIOT, Jeanne               19 Sep 1673            Nicolas PION
Quebec, PQ
12 Nov 1704            Francois CHICOINE
Contrecoeur, PQ

ANCELIN, Francoise          10 Nov 1669            Guillaume VALADE
Quebec, PQ

ANDRE, Louise               18 Jan 1672            Nicolas BOSSU (LE
Boucherville, PQ       BOSSU)

ANGLAISE (LANGLOIS),        28 Oct 1665(cont)      Jean GLADUS
Marie                       Cap-de-la-Madeleine

ANGUILLE, Jeanne            1 Nov 1671             Francois ALLARD
Quebec, PQ

BARBERET, Jeanne            abt 1666/67            Jean ARRIVE
Ste Famille, I.O.

BARIL, Marie                13 Oct 1670            Francois SAUVIN dit
(550 pound dowry)           Quebec, PQ             LAROSE

BARRE, Catherine            22 Oct 1663            Nicolas ROY
(Returnrd to France 1665)   Quebec, PQ

BARTON, Francoise-Marthe    7 Oct 1670             Joseph CHEVALIER
Montreal, PQ

BEAUJEAN (GUICHONNE),       bef 1666 census        Pierre JUIN
Marie Jeanne                Fr. or Troi-Rivieres
BEAUMONT, Marie Anne        23 Oct 1673(cont)      Vincent MORISSEAU
Dautray, PQ

BEAUVEAU, Jeanne            abt 1672               Jean BLET (Carignan
St-Ours, PQ            Soldier)
16 Apr 1674 they made
their contract before
the notary Adhemar

BERCIER, Louise             15 Oct 1668(cont)      Michel FEUILLON
Batiscan, PQ

BILLOT, Lucrece             26 Aug 1669            Jean SIGOUIN
(She had a daughter,        Quebec, PQ
Louise, bapt. 11 Sep 1668
at Que. by Nicolas GRANDIN)

BILODEAU, Jeanne            widow of               Jacques BAUBICHE
8 Feb 1666             Pierre COUILLARD
Troi-Rivieres, PQ

BINAUDIERE, Marguerite      30 Aug 1670            Symphorien ROUSSEAU
Beauport, PQ
This marriage was recorded at Ste Famille, Ile de Orleans, and again on
14 Sep 1670 at Quebec, PQ.

BIRETTE, Renee              9 Jun 1672             Pierre BALAN dit
Quebec, PQ             LACOMBE
abt 1688               Jean BRIAS dit
LaDurantaye, PQ        LATREILLE
15 Apr 1709            Francois LAVERGNE
LaDurantaye, PQ

BLAINVILLAIN, Anne          1 Jan 1672             Louis CHARBONNIER
St-Ours, PQ            dit ST-LAURENT

BLUTEAU, Antionette         19 Oct 1671            David (Joseph)
(350 Pound dowry)           Quebec, PQ             LACROIX

BOLPER, Marie Louise        12 Oct 1671            Francois MARCEAU
(350 Pound dowry)           Ste famille, I.O.
17 nov 1687            Gabriel ROGER
St-Francois, I.O.
3 feb 1701             Antoine Olivier
Ste Famille, I.O.    QUINIART dit DUPLESSIS

BONIN, Nicole               19 Oct 1671            Damien QUATRESOUS
(600 pound dowry included   Quebec, PQ
a 100 pound gift of the

BONNEAU, Helene             18 Jul 1667            Jacques DESMOULINS
Quebec, PQ
BOUART, Marie               16 Aug 1668            Jacques ANTRADE
(300 pound dowry)           Quebec, PQ
3 Mar 1672(cont)       Francois DESSUREAUX
Batiscan, PQ           dit LE BOURGUIGNON
6 Feb 1689             Jean BOISMENE
Batiscan, PQ

BOUCHARD, Louise            6 Nov 1667             Simon GUILLORY
Montreal, PQ

BOUILLON, Marie             16 Aug 1668            Alexandre TECHENAY
Quebec, PQ             (Carignan Soldier)

BOUTARD, Marie              21 Nov 1669(cont)      Pierre BOURGERY
Boucherville, PQ

BOYER, Barbe                23 Oct 1673            Paul CARTIER
(400 pound dowry)           Quebec, PQ
20 Oct 1698            Nicolas FOULON dit
Quebec, PQ             DUMONT

BRANDON, Anne               17 Nov 1665            Pierre DAGENAIS
Montreal, PQ

BREUILLET DUBREUIL,         26 Aug 1665            Bernard FAURE
Isabeau                     Quebec, PQ

BULTE dit PICARD,           27 Nov 1670            Jean ROBITAILLE
Marguerite                  Quebec, PQ
Her mother, Louise PEPIN, died in France.  Her father, Pierre
BULTE, remarried Jeanne CHARRON.  This family also came to Canada.

CAILLAUD, Andree            13 Aug 1669            Denis THIBAULT
Ste Famille, I.O.

CARCIREUX, Sylvine          11 Jan 1668            Antoine ANDRIEU
Quebec, PQ

CERISIER, Jeanne            26 Nov 1665(cont)      Francois DUCLOS

CHANCY, Marie               2 Oct 1673             Michel PREZEAU dit
Montreal, PQ           CHAMBLY

CHANVREUX, Renee            24 Dec 1669            Jean LEFEBVRE
Quebec, PQ
She was found dead in the snow 11 days after her marriage.

CHARIER, Louise             19 Nov 1663            Guillaume BARET
Troi-Rivieres, PQ

CHARRIER, Marie             Widow of               Andre DEPOST
13 Oct 1665            Jacques RENAUD
Quebec, PQ

CHARTIER, Jeanne            3 Nov 1669             Pierre ROUSSET
Ste Famille, I.O.      (Carignan Soldier)
10 Sep 1702            Francois LAVERGNE
Quebec, PQ

CHARTON, Jeanne             10 Oct 1667            Jean ROBIN
Quebec, PQ

CHATON, Marie               5 Feb 1667(cont)       Pierre LAGARDE

CHAUVET, Marie              16 Aug 1668            Pierre FAYE dit
Quebec, PQ             VILFAGNAN (Carignan
She was brought before the Sovereign Council 21 Jan 1669 and accused of
the crime of adultry with Pierre VIVIEN and Etienne LE ROY.  She was
“condemned to be shaved and beaten with canes in the public squares of
this town, and then to be confined in a secure place and to remain
there while being furnished her food by the said FAYE, if he does not
prefer to take her back with him.”

CHEVREAU, Marie             29 Oct 1665            Rene REAUME
Quebec, PQ

CHAISSON, Louise            Widow of               Simon GENDRON
14 Sep 1666            Jacques CHAPELAIN
Quebec, PQ

COCHET, Anne                abt 1668               Louis BERCIER
Batiscan or France

COIRIER, Perrine            abt 1665               Clement GUERIN
near Charlesbourg, PQ

COLIN, Anne                 18 Oct 1669            Nicolas Vincent
Ste Famille, I.O.      BOISSONNEAU
(Carignan Soldier)

COMPAGNON, Antoinette       8 Oct 1668             Jacques GERNY
Quebec, PQ

COTTIN, Marie Catherine … She had an illegitimate daughter, Jeanne,
b. 1 Jul 1665, bap. 21 May 1666 at Chateau-Richer.  Father unknown.

1 Feb 1666             Pierre BRUNET
Quebec, PQ
20 Aug 1685            Pierre MANDIN
Charlesbourg, PQ
COUTURE, Anne               12 Nov 1665            Jean MOREAU dit LA
Chateau-Richer, PQ     GRANGE

CROISSETTE, Marie           29 Aug 1671(cont)      Jean LAQUERRE dit
Ste-Anne-de-La Perade  RENCONTRE (Carignan
10 Aug 1677(cont)      Pierre LEVESQUE
Ste-Anne …

CURE, Francoise             19 Dec 1669(cont)      Lucas LOISEAU
Boucherville, PQ

DALLON, Marie               9 Oct 1668             Pierre BISSONNET
Quebec, PQ
between  8 Aug 1687 – 1 Apr 1692     Jacques ANET
19 Apr 1694            Pierre-Guillaume
LaDurantaye, PQ        HUBLE

DAMOURS, Marguerite         Unknown Date           Jean Tarde
France or New France
20 Jun 1672           Nicholas JOFFRET dit
Quebec, PQ             JOLICOEUR

DANNESSE de LONGCHAMPS,     17 Oct 1668            Francois COUILLARD
Esther (or Marie-Anne)      Quebec, PQ             dir LAFONTAINE
(Carignan Soldier)
20 Sep 1688            Pierre JANSON dit
Quebec, PQ             LAPALME

DE L’ASTRE, Adrienne        16 Nov 1665            Pierre MORTREL
Chateau-Richer, PQ

DELAUNAY, Madeleine         11 Oct 1670(cont)      Pierre GUILLET dit
Before Notary Becquet  LAJEUNESSE

DELICERACE, Suzanne         8 Nov 1663             Michel BISSON dit
Quebec, PQ             ST-COSME

DELORME, Marguerite         1 Oct 1669             Rene CHARTIER
(450 pound dowry)           Quebec, PQ

DE MANGEON, Claude          23 Nov 1664(cont)      Thomas LESUEUR
Ile d’Orleans

DEQUAIN, Anne               28 Oct 1669            Francois LAREAU
Quebec, PQ

DESCHALETS, Claude          3 Sep 1668             Simeon ROY dit AUDY
Quebec, PQ

DESCHALETS, Elizabeth       26 Nov 1668            Francois PARIS
(Sister of Claude)          Quebec, PQ

DESCHALETS, Madeleine       3 Sep 1668             Jean GIRON
Quebec, PQ
She and her sister, Claude, apppeared in court 11 March 1669 where they
were ordered to make reparation to the honor of Francoise LECLERC,
another daughter of the king and wife of Michel RIFFAUT.  They were
accused of maliciously and falsely calling her a prostitute.

DESMARETS, Etiennette       3 Sep 1669             Pierre BODIN
Quebec, PQ

DESPERNAY, Marie-Anne       29 Apr 1675            Pierre ABIROU dit
Pointe-aux-Trembles    LAROSE
Montreal, PQ
23 Aug 1688           Denis CHARPENTIER
Boucherville, PQ

DESTOUCHES, Marie-Agnes     27 Oct 1669            Charles DOMPIERRE
St. Famile, I.O.       dit ST-MARTIN
7 Feb 1690             Francois GARINET
St-Francois, I.O.

DESVEAUX, Marie             13 Apr 1674(cont)      Antoine CODERRE dit
Contrecoeur, PQ        EMERY (Carignan

DEXARD, Jeanne              16 Feb 1668            Jean COLLET
(She died in childbirth     Montreal, PQ           (Carignan Soldier)
6 Aug 1686 at Batiscan
at age 45 yrs.)

D’OCQUINCOURT, Anne         21 Oct 1669            Jacques DAMIEN
(Drowned near Ecureils)     Quebec, PQ
10 Feb 1687            Maurice OLIVIER
Pte-aux-Trembles, PQ

DODIER, Jeanne              22 Jan 1664            Adrien, JOLLIET
Troi-Rivieres, PQ      Sieur de CHANSENAYE
abt 1670               Antoine BAILLARGE
Cap-de-la-Madeleine, PQ
abt 1674               Mathurin NORMANDIN
Cap-de-la-Madeleine, PQ

DODIN, Anne                 19 Aug 1669            Jean MOUFLET dit
Quebec, PQ             CHAMPAGNE

D’ORANGE, Barbe             6 Oct 1669             Jacques TARDIF
Quebec, PQ

DOUCINET, Elizabeth         14 Oct 1666            Jacques BEDARD
Quebec, PQ

DUCHESNE, Barbe             26 Oct 1671            Andre BADEL dit
(Both are from Switzerland) Quebec, PQ             LAMARCHE (Carignan
DUFAYE, Francoise           15 Oct 1674            Martin PIRE (HENNE)
Quebec, PQ             dit LE PORTUGAIS

DUMONT, Barbe               11 Nov 1668(cont)      Francois BRETON
Champlain, PQ          (Carignan Soldier)
1 Jun 1702             Raymond COURIER
Champlain, PQ

DUMONT, Julienne            25 Nov 1665            Rene DUBOIS
Quebec, PQ

DUVAL, Michelle             abt 1671               Pierre BON dit
France or St. Ours     LACOMBE

ELROY, Antoinette           14 Dec 1665            Mathurin MASTA
(or Catherine)              Montreal, PQ

FAUCON, Marie               27 Nov 1663            Guillaume CHARTIER
Montreal, PQ           dit ROBERT
15 Oct 1708            Francois JOCTEAU
Montreal, PQ

FAUCONNIER, Jeanne          4 Dec 1668             Antoine DUFRESNE
Montreal, PQ           (Carignan Soldier)

FAURE, Louise               28 Oct 1668(cont)      Pierre GAGNE
Ste-Anne de Beaupre

FAUVAULT, Jeanne            25 Nov 1669            Jacques PROVOST
Quebec, PQ

FERRON, Marguerite          28 Jan 1671            Guillaume BERTRAND
(Dowery of 350 pounds)      Quebec, PQ

FIEVRE, Catherine           10 Nov 1663            Charles ALLAIRE
Quebec, PQ

FLAMAND, Nicole             26 Jan 1669            Louis LEPARC dit ST-
Quebec, PQ             LOUIS

FLECHET, Anne               2 Oct 1673             Pierre LOUINEAU
Quebec, PQ

FONTAINE, Marguerite        bef 1681 census        Jacques GIRARD dit
Sorel, PQ              VIMONT
22 Aug 1684            Pierre RATEL
Repentigny, PQ
21 Dec 1691            Maurice OLIVIER
Neuville, PQ

FOY, Marguerite             5 Jul 1667(cont)       Francois DUMAS
Ile-de-Orleans, PQ

GALET, Anne                 13 Oct 1670            Sylvain VEAU
Ste-Anne de Beaupre

GARGOTTINE, Louise          26 Feb 1664            Daniel PERRON dit
Chateu-Richer, PQ      SUIRE
7 Jan 1678             Charles-Louis ALAIN
L’Ange-Gardien, PQ

GAUTHIER, Jeanne-Marie      17 Oct 1668            Giles MASSON
Quebec, PQ

GENTREAU, Anne              28 Oct 1664            Rene LEDUC
Quebec, PQ

GEOFFROY, Anne              1 Sep 1670             Charles FLIBOT
Ste Famille, I.O.

GIRARD, Marguerite          abt 1674               Pierre FORCIER
Sorel, PQ (?)
30 Nov 1690            Rene ABRAHAM dit
St-Francois du Lac     DESMARETS

GIRAUD or TROLLEAU, Anne    16 Jul 1669            Mathurin GAUTHIER
Quebec, PQ

GODEQUIN, Jeanne            22 Sep 1669(cont)      Vincent CROTEAU
(Dowry of 350 pounds)       Cap-Rouge, PQ          (Shoe Maker)

GODILLON, Elizabeth         22 Sep 1670            Leonard ETHIER
Montreal, PQ

GRANDIN, Jeanne             19 Oct 1671            Jean BRIERE
(Dowry of 350 pounds)       Quebec, PQ

GRANDIN, Marie              23 Sep 1670            Jean BEAUDET
(Dowry of 350 pounds)       Quebec, PQ

GRANGER, Catherine          11 Sep 1673            Jean LEPINAY
Quebec, PQ

GRATON, Mathurine           30 Sep 1670            Pierre TOUPIN dit
Quebec, PQ             LAPIERRE (Carignan
22 Jul 1710            Vincent BRUNET
Beauport, PQ

GRESLEAU, Marie             23 Aug 1667(cont)      Jean CHESNIER
Notary Duquet
16 Aug 1700            Pierre SENAY
Quebec, PQ

GRIAUX or GRUAUX, Jeanne    9 Sep 1670             Jean RENE (Carignan
Quebec, PQ             Soldier)
bef 25 Jul 1674        Jacques PIGEON dit
Repentigny, PQ         PETITJEAN

GROSLOT, Madeleine          30 Sep 1669            Francois MARCHAND
Quebec, PQ

GUENEVILLE, Jeanne          3 Nov 1671             Pierre MOLLEUR dit
(Dowry of 350 pounds)       Quebec, PQ             LALLEMAND

GUERIN, Madeleine           10 Nov 1665            Jean JULIEN
Quebec, PQ
31 Aug 1673            Pierre BOIVIN
L’Ange-Gardien, PQ

GUERIN, Marie               13 Jul 1667            Antoine DUPRE
Quebec, PQ             (Carignan Soldier)
29 Oct 1682            Louis CHARRIER
Quebec, PQ

GUILLODEAU, Madeleine       19 Aug 1669            Jean POITEVIN dit
Quebec, PQ             LAVIOLETTE

GUILLOT, Catherine          25 Oct 1663            Jean JACQUEREAU
Chateau-Richer, PQ

GUYET, Marie                9 Oct 1668             Pierre LEDOUX dit
Quebec, PQ             LATREILLE

HARDY, Jeanne               16 Aug 1668            Francois TROTAIN
Quebec, PQ             (Carignan Soldier)

HEDOUIN, Marguerite         24 Aug 1671            Francois BARBEAU
(Dowry of 350 pounds)       Quebec, PQ

HEVAIN, Marguerite          24 Sep 1670            Pierre RICHARD
(Dowry of 350 pounds)       Chateau-Richer, PQ

HOUSSEAU, Marguerite        5 Oct 1670             Jean MEUNIER
(Dowry of 350 pounds)       Ste-Anne de Beaupre

HUOT or BUOT, Marie         6 Oct 1670             Pierre MARTIN
(Dowry of 350 pounds)       Chateau-Richer, PQ

HUTRU, Perrine              9 Oct 1669             Theodore SUREAU
Quebec, PQ

ISAMBERT, Catherine         9 Sep 1673             Louis DENIS dit
Quebec, PQ             LAFONTAINE
(Carignan Soldier)

JACQUIER, Louise            17 Jan 1671(cont)      Jean POUSSET
Grondines, PQ
3 Aug 1683             Michel DALAUX
Batiscan, PQ

JALLAIS, Marie              26 Aug 1669            Jean LAUZET
Ste Famille, I.O.      (Carignan Soldier)
9 Jul 1680             Robert LECLERC
Quebec, PQ

JAREL, Suzanne              7 Jun 1663             Francois DUPONT
Chateau-Richer, PQ

JODON, Marie                widow of               Francois PAVAGEAULT
12 Aug 1669            Andre BARBEAU dit
Quebec, PQ             LAFOREST

JOLY, Charlotte             20 Aug 1669            Antoine DRAPEAU
Ste Famille, I.O

LABBE, Anne                 5 Nov 1663             Marc GIRARD
Quebec, PQ

LA COMBE, Charlotte         11 Jun 1670            Antoine CADDE
Quebec, PQ
11 Oct 1694            Claude PHILIPPEAU
Quebec, PQ

LAFAYE, Marie               22 Oct 1663            Rene EMOND
Quebec, PQ

LAFLEUR, Joachine           11 Feb 1664            Pierre MARTIN
Quebec, PQ

LAGOU, Anne                 8 Sep 1670             Pierre VALLIERE
Quebec, PQ
8 Jan 1682             Rene DUPIL
Neuville, PQ

LAISNE, Anne                14 Oct 1669            Etienne CONTENT
Ste Famille, I.O.
5 Nov 1685             Rene BISSON
Charlesbourg, PQ
5 Nov 1708             Marc TESSIER
Charlesbourg, PQ

LAMARQUE, Anne              8 Feb 1666             Charles TESTARD de
Montreal, PQ           FOLLEVILLE

LANDRY, Louise              26 Sep 1667            Pierre CONTENT
Quebec, PQ

LANDRY, Olive               bef 29 Oct 1653        Pierre POUPEAU
(Dowry of 400 pounds)       LaRochelle, France     (died on his way to
Canada or shortly
19 Feb 1664            Pierre CAILLA
Troi-Rivieres, PQ

LARCHER, Madeleine          15 Oct 1668            Elie VOISIN
Quebec, PQ

She was taken to court 18 Jul 1678 and was accused of living a
scandalous life.  She was condemned to spend four days in prison and
then leave the city of Quebec.  On 15 and 18 Sep of the following year,
she was again taken to court and told to leave the city or go to
prison.  Widowed, she made and annulled a marriage contract with Jean
Beraud, 30 May 1694.
18 Nov 1698(cont)      Salomon LEGUILLOT
Montreal, PQ

LATOUCHE, Marguerite        21 Sep 1673            Jacques MANSEAU
Quebec, PQ

LAURENT, Catherine          widow of               Louis RICHARD
28 Sep 1667            Moise HILAREST
Quebec, PQ

LAUVERGNAT, Jacqueline      21 Apr 1664            Pierre GAULIN
(Dowry of 400 pound)        Chateau-Richer, PQ
30 Jan 1679            Marc BARREAU
Ste Famille, I.O.

LAVAL, Claude               26 Oct 1671            Louis BONNODEAU dit
(Dowry of 350 pounds)       Quebec, PQ             CHATELLERAULT

LEBLANC, Anne               13 Mar 1673            Pierre MENAGE
Quebec, PQ

CHAMPFLEURY, Marie          25 Nov 1665            Francois BIDARD
Quebec, PQ

LECLERC, Francoise          27 Aug 1668            Michel RIFFAUD
Quebec, PQ

LECLERC, Marguerite         26 Nov 1665            Julien BLOYS, Sieur
Montreal, PQ           de Servigny

LECOMPTE, Jeanne            14 Jun 1672(cont)      Olivier LA ROUX
Ste-Anne de la Perade
25 Oct 1677            Julien AVERTY
Laprairie, PQ

LECOMTE, Marie              22 Oct 1672(cont)      Jacques HABERT
Notary Rageot

LEDOUX, Jacqueline          10 Nov 1664            Jacques GRIMOT
(Dowry of 500 pounds)       Quebec, PQ
26 Nov 1668            Marc TESSIER
Quebec, PQ

LEFEBVRE, Marie             Oct 1671               Jean PARIS
(had no known children)     Chambly, PQ (their cont. made 6 Oct 1672)
3 Nov 1693             Joachim REGUINDEAU
Montreal, PQ

LEFEBVRE, Marie             13 Oct 1670            Louis GUIBAULT dit
Quebec, PQ             GRANDBOIS
17 Jul 1715            Pierre GENDRAS
Ste-Anne de la Perade

LEFEBVRE, Marie             16 Nov 1671            Andre MARCIL dit
(Dowry of 350 pounds)       Troi-Rivieres, PQ      L’ESPAGNOL

LE GRAND, Jeanne            3 Dec 1669(cont)       Claude SAUVAGEOT

LE LONG, Marie              12 Oct 1671            Rene DUMAS (Carignan
Quebec, PQ             Soldier)

LELOUP, Catherine           19 Nov 1668            Isaac NAFRECHOU
Montreal, PQ

LEMAIRE, Marie              28 Dec 1669            Pierre RATEL
Montreal, PQ

LEMAIRE, Anne               11 Sep 1673            Philippe HULIN or
Quebec, PQ             DULIN

LE MAISTRE, Gabrielle       2 Oct 1667(cont)       Jean RALLE
notary Becquet
(nothing further known of this couple)

LEPINE, Marie               29 Oct 1677            Moise FAURE dit St-
Quebec, PQ             VIVIEN (Carignan

LEPINE, Anne                21 Apr 1664            Francois Boucher dit
Quebec, PQ             VIN d’ESPAGNE

LE ROY, Anne                30 Sep 1670            Nicholas BOUCHARD
(Dowry of 350 pounds)       Ste-Anne de Beaupre
8 Oct 1685             Claude Guimont
Quebec, PQ

LE SAINT, Marie             26 Nov 1671            Etienne MARANDA
(dowry of 450 pounds)       Quebec, PQ

LE TRU, Suzanne             23 Aug 1666            Jean CADOU
Quebec, PQ

LINIERE, Jeanne-Anne-Marie  19 Jan 1672            Louis AUMEAU
Montreal, PQ

LOISEAU, Francoise          7 Oct 1669(cont)       Mathurin GREGOIRE
Cap-Rouge, PQ          (Carignan Soldier)

MANSION, Jeanne             9 Oct 1669             Jean CHERLOT dit
Quebec, PQ             DESMOULINS
5 Jun 1712             Vincent TUDAULT
Montreal, PQ

MARCHAND, Catherine         17 Sep 1667            Laurent NAFRECHON
Quebec, PQ
(They probably returned to France after Jul 1673)

MARCHESSEAU, Marie          abt 1669               Pierre BOUTIN
near Charlesbourg, PQ
25 Nov 1670            Jean MICHEL
Quebec, PQ

MARECHAL, Marguerite        2 Nov 1669             Sebastien DOISON dit
Ste Famille, I.O.      LAROSE also LACROIX

MARTIN, Marie               4 Feb 1666             Jean VALLEE
Chateau-Richer, PQ
5 Dec 1673             Jacques CHARIER dit
Ste Famille, I.O.      LAFONTAINE
MAZOUER, Marie              23 Jul 1663            Louis GARNEAU
(Dowry of 450 pounds,       Quebec, PQ
incl. 300 from her godmother,

MENACIER, Louise            12 Nov 1663            Toussaint LE DRAN
Quebec, PQ

MENARD, Barbe               26 Aug 1669            Antoine VERMET dit
Ste Famille, I.O.      LAFORME

MERCIER, Marie              19 Oct 1671            Jean CHEVAUDIER
(Dowry of 350 pounds)       Quebec, PQ

MERLIN, Agathe              31 Aug 1670(cont)      Jean LORIOT
(Dowry of 350 pounds)       Neuville, PQ

MESURE, Marie               20 Dec 1665(cont)      Michel MONTAMBAULT
Ile de Orleans, PQ     dit L’EVEILLE
MEUNIER, Antoinette         widow of               Jean BARO
9 Nov 1665(cont)       Jacques AUBERT
Champlain, PQ

MEUNIER, Marie              7 Oct 1665(cont)       Charles BONIN
Champlain, PQ

MEUNIER, Marie              13 Oct 1665            Michel CHRETIEN
Quebec, PQ

MEUNIER, Marie              1666/1667              Jacques HUDDE
Charlesbourg or Beauport
21 Nov 1690            Jean GUILLET
St-Francois du Lac, PQ

MICHAULT, Marie Louise      10 Sep 1670            Jean DANIAUX
(Dowry of 350 pounds)       Quebec, PQ

MICHEL, Jacquette           widow of               Jean GARDIN
23 Oct 1668            Andre MIGNIER dit
Quebec, PQ             LAGACE (Carignan

MICHEL, Francoise           10 Aug 1670(cont)      Gilles DUPONT
8 Feb 1685             Paul HUBERT
Quebec, PQ

MIGNAULT, Catherine         15 Oct 1673            Pierre LEMOINE dit
Quebec, PQ             LAVALLEE

MIGNOLET, Gillette          19 Oct 1671            Nicolas MINSON dit
(Dowry of 350 pounds)       Quebec, PQ             LAFLEUR
MILLOT, Violette-Francoise  15 Oct 1669            Jean LEPICQ
(Dowry of 500 pounds)       Quebec, PQ
26 May 1688            Rene MEZERAY dit
Neuville, PQ           NOPCES
30 Sep 1697            Leonard DEBORD
Quebec, PQ             (Carignan Soldier)

MOISAN, Francoise           28 Nov 1663            Antoine BRUNET dit
Montreal, PQ           BELHUMEUR
13 Feb 1707            Pierre PERTHUIS dit
Montreal, PQ           LALIME

MOITIE, Catherine           19 Sep 1667            Desire VIGER
Montreal, PQ           (Sailor)
22 Nov 1688            Jean POIRIER dit
Boucherville, PQ       LAJEUNESSE (Carignan

MOITIE, Marguerite          24 Oct 1663            Joseph Elie GAUTHIER
(Catherine’s sister)        Chateau-Richer, PQ

MONVOISIN, Francoise        20 Oct 1668(cont)      Nicolas GARITEAU
Ile de Orleans, PQ
16 Oct 1672            Marin GERVAIS
Ste Famille, I.O.

MOREAU, Marguerite          26 Aug 1670            Andre MORIN
(Dowry of 350 pounds)       Quebec, PQ

MORIN, Marie                23 Jul 1669            Noel BOISSEL
Quebec, PQ

MORIN, Marie                11 Sep 1673            Laurent GIGNARD
Quebec, PQ

MORINEAU, Jeanne            16 Jul 1663            Pierre PETIT dit
Chateau-Richer, PQ     MILHOMME
2 Nov 1678(cont)       Francois HEBERT dit
notary Aubert          LECOMTE

MOUTRACHY, Marguerite       25 Jul 1672            Antoine DUPRE dit
Quebec, PQ             CHAMPAGNE

NEPPLE, Louise              1667/1668              Benjamin ANCEAU,
Cap-de-la-Madeleine    Sieur de Berry
31 Mar 1679(cont)      Rene CHARTIER

NORMAND, Catherine          7 Sep 1665             Pierre NORMAND dit
(Dowry of 500 pounds)       Quebec, PQ             LA BRIERE

NORMAND, Marie Madeleine    10 Feb 1670            Alphonse MORIN dit
(Catherine’s sister)        Quebec, PQ             VALCOUR

PAHIN, Claude-Philiberte    18 Sep 1673            Pierre COIRIER
(Dowry of 400 pounds)       Quebec, PQ

PAQUET, Marguerite          26 Nov 1670            Francois BIVILLE dit
(Dowry of 450 pounds)       Quebec, PQ             LE PICARD
20 Jan 1676            Bernard GONTHIER
Quebec, PQ

PAPIN, Madeleine            12 Sep 1672            Jacques CACHELIEVRE
Quebec, PQ

PARAMENT, Perette           1 Oct 1670(cont)       Francois LORY
(Dowry of 350 pounds)       notary Bequet

PARENTEAU, Marie            6 Oct 1671             Pierre or Antoine
Quebec, PQ             FAUVEL

PARIS, Francoise            11 Sep 1673            Pierre PETITCLERC
Quebec, PQ
(She was the 4th of his     12 Feb 1714            Pierre HELIE
five wives)                 Ste-Foy, PQ            (Carignan Soldier)

PAULO, Catherine            26 Nov 1663            Etienne CAMPEAU
Montreal, PQ

PEDENELLE, Francoise        2 Jun 1670             Maurice ARRIVE
Ste Famille, I.O.

PELLETIER dit PASSAVANT,    14 Dec 1665            Pierre PAPIN
Anne                        Montreal, PQ

PELOIS, Marguerite          17 Nov 1665            Jacques BOIVIN
Montreal, PQ

PERODEAU, Marie             16 Sep 1669            George STEMS
Quebec, PQ          (From Switzerland)
(She took Louis LEFEBVRE dit BATTANVILLE to court and asked for
reparation for damage to her honor because he said she had committed
adultery with a man named MALON.  The found that LEFEBVRE had not lied,
and she lost her case.)

PETIT, Jeanne               31 Oct 1672            Francoise SEGUIN
Boucherville, PQ       (Carignan Soldier)

PIETOU, Francoise           24 Oct 1667            Andre Achin
Troi-Rivieres, PQ      (Carignan Soldier)

PILLAT, Catherine           19 Oct 1665            Pierre CHARRON
Montreal, PQ
13 Jan 1709            Sebastien BRISON
Montreal, PQ

POIGNET, Marguerite         30 Oct 1671            Francois COUSSON dit
Quebec, PQ             LANGOUMOIS
POINTEL, Marthe             9 Nov 1665             Abel BENOIT
Chateau-Richer, PQ

POITREAU, Anne              17 Sep 1668            Rene BRUNEAU dit
Quebec, PQ             JOLICOEUR

POTHIER, Marie              24 Nov 1670            Elie PREVOST dit
Troi-Rivieres, PQ      LAVIOLETTE (Carignan

PRAT, Claude                17 Nov 1665            Nicolas GIARD
Montreal, PQ

PREVOST, Marie              9 Oct 1669             Francois BRUNEAU
Quebec, PQ
15 Sep 1681            Jean CHAUVET
Quebec, PQ

PROVINLIEU, Marie           11 Oct 1672            Jean HOUSSY dit
(Dowry of 450 pounds)       Quebec, PQ             BELLEROSE also

RAGAU, Marthe               26 Feb 1664            Louis SAMSON
Quebec, PQ

REMONDIERE, Andree          31 Oct 1666(cont)      Thomas RONDEAU
(Her mother, Renee Riviere, Ile de Orleans, PQ
came to Que. as a Daughter
of the King and married
Mathurin Croiset)

RENAUD, Marie               25 Oct 1668            Francois LEROUX dit
Quebec, PQ             CARDINAL

RENAUT, Elizabeth           20 Sep 1673            Jean Olivier
Quebec, PQ             (Carignan Soldier)

RENTIER, Madeleine          6 Nov 1668             Olivier ROY (LEROY)
Quebec, PQ

REPOCHE, Jeanne             4 Feb 1664             Jerome BILODEAU
Quebec, PQ

REPOCHE, Marie              3 Jul 1657             Jacques SOULET
(Jeanne’s sister)           Cogne, France
11 Sep 1664            Julien JAMIN
Quebec, PQ

RICHARD, Marie              24 Aug 1669(cont)      Antoine DAUNAY
Boucherville, PQ

RICHER, Georgette           6 Oct 1670             Francois DUPUIS
(Dowry of 350 pounds)       Quebec, PQ
RIVIERE, Marie              16 feb 1672            Jean RATIER dit
Troi-Rivieres, PQ      DU BUISSON
(On 31 Oct 1679 at Troi-Rivieres, Jean was sentanced to hang for the
death, a week earlier, of Jeanne Couc.  His sentance was modified on
appeal, but later upheld.  However, the executioner had died and no one
else was willing to carry out the sentance.  RATIER was given the
choice of becoming the new executioner or remaining in jail until one
could be found; he took the job.)

RIVIERE, Renee              abt 1650               Jacques REMONDIERE
(mother of Andree           LaRochelle, France
REMONDIERE)                 1666/1667              Mathurin CROISET
Ile de Orleans

ROSSIGNOL dit GROSSONNEAU,  1 Sep 1670             Charles PETIT
Jeanne                      Quebec, PQ
4 Feb 1674             Jean FORGET
Quebec, PQ
28 Dec 1676            Urbain FOUQUEREAU
Neuville, PQ –
Recorded at Que.
2 Sep 1704             Francois HUARD dit
Neuville, PQ           LALIBERTE

ROUSSELIN, Anne Suzanne     6 Jun 1666             Jacques LEBLANC
Montreal, PQ

ROUSSELOT, Marguerite       22 Sep 1673            Charles FLIBOT
(She was the 2nd of his     Ste Famille, I.O.
3 wives; all were Daughter’s
of the King)

ROUTY, Marie Madeleine      22 Oct 1668            Nicolas GUILLAUD
(Dowry of 1000 pounds)      Quebec, PQ             Sieur de LaChaume
(Carignan Soldier)

ROY, Elizabeth              12 Oct 1665(cont)      Pierre PAILLERAULT
Ile de Orleans, PQ
26 Jan 1670            Antoine LEBLANC dit
Ile de Orleans         JOLICOEUR
16 May 1688            Charles FLIBOT
St-Jean, I.O.

ROY, Marie                  11 Jul 1667            Mathurin THIBODEAU
Quebec, PQ             dit LALIME

ROYBON, Madeleine           (Historians believe she was the mistress of
the explorer, Rene-Robert CAVELIER, Sieur de la SALLE.

ROYER, Nicole               3 Nov 1671             Martin DESMILLIERS
(Dowry of 350 pounds        Quebec, PQ

SAVARE, Gilette             22 Feb 1666            Pierre FILTEAU or
Quebec, PQ             PHILTEAU
SERVIGNAN, Jeanne           13 Oct 1665            Jean RONSERAY
Quebec, PQ             (Carignan Soldier)

SICARD, Jeanne              widow of               Mathurin LEBLANC
19 Jan & 6 Sep 1670(cont)   Vincent GUILLOT
notary Becquet

SOULARD, Nicole             16 Nov 1665(cont)      Louis GABOURY
Ile de Orleans, PQ

TARGER, Marie               22 Nov 1663            Jean ROYER
(her sister, Elizabeth,     Chateau-Richer, PQ
married Mathurin GERBERT)   17 Feb 1676            Robert TOURNEROCHE
Ste Famille, I.O.

TAVERNIER, Anne             15 May 1666            Robert MOUSSION dit
(Dowry of 400 pounds)       Quebec, PQ             LAMOUCHE

THAVENET, Anne              2 Sep 1664             Francois HERTEL
Montreal, PQ

THIBAULT, Mathurine         26 Nov 1663            Jean MILOT dit
Montreal, PQ           LE BOURGUIGNON

THIBIERGE, Madeleine        13 Sep 1670            Pierre ST-DENIS
(Dowry of 450 pounds)       Chateau-Richer, PQ

TROCHET dit RICHARD,        widow of               Francois MATORET
Francoise                   France
(Dowry of 350 pounds)       10 Dec 1671(cont)      Pierre PELTIER
Neuville, PQ

VAILLANT, Marguerite        abt 1668               Jean Pierre DANIAU
Batiscan, PQ

VALADE, Marie               26 Nov 1663            Jean CADIEUX
Montreal, PQ
9 Feb 1682             Philippe BOUDIER
Montreal, PQ

VALLAY, Perette             20 Oct 1665            Jean BOURASSEAU
(died in childbirth)        Quebec, PQ

VASSAL, Francoise           3 May 1671(cont)       Nicolas CACHEUX

VIVIEN, Marie Rose          12 Sep 1673            Jean BOUDEAU
Quebec, PQ

VOGUER, Marie               4 Nov 1669             Louis CHIRON
Quebec, PQ             (Carignan Soldier)

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