This site and effort is dedicated to all my forebears.  Without them we (my family) would not exist.  Their lives, their loves and their journey has made us who we are and who we will become.

Special recognition however is merited to:

  • Robert R. Henss- he began the family genealogy effort and set a standard for excellence that we hope to carry forward. We hope our work makes him proud.
  • Fred & Luise Rabideau- the papers they saved from the ashes of World War 2 have kept an entire branch of the family alive.
  • Becky Henss Rabideau- she has the patience of a saint and puts up with my working endless hours on this effort.
  • Jeremy Henss Rabideau- he is my part-time co-conspirator and a research animal.  He has uncovered family facts that no one thought were attainable.

Mark F. Rabideau (temporary custodian of this information)