I have added a very powerful feature to the ManyRoads site called TreeMagic- Cypress.  TM-Cypress is a javascript tool that allows a webmaster (me in this case) to provide site users with easy information access from a place in their site (ManyRoads) to selected websites, including this one.   I know that sounds a bit confusing but it is very simple…

Simply highlight any term or phrase; and a pop-up will appear.  In the pop-up you have the option of selecting one of our offered genealogical sites.  Once you select an item from the pop-up a java window will open highlighting all related items from your selected site (basically it is a search result).  You may scroll and or read from the pop-up to gain deeper insight into what you requested.  Once you are done simply close the window and you will return to the place you left (on ManyRoads, in this case).

This WordPress plugin was developed by AmbientWebs/ eirenicon and is freely available. More sophisticated web tools like this are also available for a ‘fee’.