Jean Bourdon

Though Jean Bourdon was an important figure in the early days of New France, there is a lot of confusion over his personal life.  Some have even given him three wives (married to two at the same time), and attributed accomplishments long after his death.  However, in the days of early settlement, there were two Jean Bourdons, possibly brothers, who were both employed by the Company of 100 Associates. Jean or Jehan (b: 1612 and d: October 23, 1665) was an Attorney, and spent most of his time in France, while Jean-Francois was a Surveyor and former ‘doctor’ (barber at lowest end of the medical profession).

The first was married to Marguerite Legris, but only one son Jacques, would eventually settle in Quebec.  His wife and other six children never left Normandy.   As for this Jacques; he was born on June 5, 1645 at St. Godard Parish in Rouen, Normandy and died on August 7, 1724 at Boucherville, Quebec.  He married Marie Menard, the daughter of the Merchant Jacques Menard and Catherine Fortier.  Jacques and Marie had fourteen children.