Confluence of Past and Future

I am at the nexus of an indefinite past and indeterminate future. My history will forever remain clouded, built of conjecture, legend, and images. The future is shrouded in hope, desire, and uncertainty. It is my sense of belonging, and relatedness that joins the two and forms a unity of design and purpose.

As I noted at the outset, I am not alone in this position, each of us assumes this identical place and role within the context of our individual pasts and futures. As a group, we represent that same role for humanity. Individually, we are unique; collectively we are bound.

The ManyRoads website is setup to act as a repository for our family’s genealogical information. The information on our site includes family or personal histories, photo albums (logs) or other similarly ‘textbook’ or ‘imagery’ based information. We also provide a wide variety of links and access to additional family-related web-based information.

We hope our web readers enjoy reading our public information.