Mathieu Amyot

Mathieu Amyot was a decisive and entrepreneurial man. He was granted land concessions at Trois Rivières, Sillerie, and near Québec. From the last concession he took the name Villeneuve since it was situated near Pointe Villeneuve. […]
Alias Villeneuve, lay, interpreter, Seigneur. Received a grant of land from Governor Louis D’Ailleboust at Three-Rivers in 1649 and in 1661 received a grant at Sillery from the Jesuites. September 6, 1669 he received from Jean Juchereau de Maur a property on Pointe Villeneuve. In 1685, he received a fief and Seigneurie from Jean Talon at Pointe aux Bouleaux. He received letters of patent (nobility) from the King in 1669 but these were nulled in 1669 because they had not been registered.