Luise Senger -Documents

Luise Senger Military Service- as related to Mark Rabideau by Luise (Senger) Rabideau in Dec. 2005

Louise Senger- 1937 repaired photo

Louise Senger
circa 1937
retouched & repaired photo

Luise was a Lt. in the Deutsche Luftwaffe during WWII

  • She served in Berlin and other German Air Force bases
  • January 14, 1945 she departed Fliegerhorst Bromberg transferred to Luftgau Kommando VII Muenchen.
  • Issued release papers for all those who wanted them, per permission and direction of her superior officier
  • Many German Army personnel were released from duty in this manner during and before May 1945
  • Following duty with Luftgau Kommando VII she observed the White Russian Army (Vlasow Armee) as they were being loaded on trains and sent to their execution by the Soviets under authorization of the US Army
  • She also met US Army Major Friedrich Wilhelm Teich who was Goering’s and Ribbentroff’s guard during their Nuremberg trails.

Following her Deutsche Luftwaffe service, Luise was employed by the US Army as a secretary. She ended up serving in Oberammergau, Bayern where she met Frederick Rabideau, her husband.