Adelgunde Senger (geboren Kiehl)

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Adelgunde Kiehl History -as related to Mark Rabideau by Luise (Senger) Rabideau  (Aledgunde’s grand daughter) Jan 2006

She was born to a family of barge owners (the Kiehl’s)– her birth record we know her birth to have been on the 6th of October 1850 and baptized on 9 October of 1850 near Graudenz Mittelbezirk Westpreussen.

Adelgunde Kiehl Birth 6 Oct 1850

  • It is believed that her mother (Esther Adelgunde geboren Grindemann) died giving child birth.
  • Her father (Erdmann Kiehl) is believed to have died 6 days after her birth.
  • Adelgunde was raised by relatives (an uncle?) near Tiegenhof, Westpreussen.
  • Her nickname was “Gundke”.
  • When Adelgunde deemed herself of marriageable age she announced  her interest in (advertised for) a husband in the local Newspaper (a  common practice).
  • Michael Senger applied and was considered appropriate.
  • Adelgunde was the ‘brains’ in the family; she was a shrewd  business woman and earned much of the Senger wealth through competent business practices.

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